Protecting Future Generations

Protecting Future Generations

Natural disasters threaten lives. NIED trusts Oracle Cloud to secure data and share insights for building safer cities.

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Trust in Every Transfer

Trust in Every Transfer

Customers want quick, easy, and secure international transfers. Arab Jordan Investment Bank uses blockchain in Oracle Cloud to exceed customers’ expectations and stay ahead in the market.

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Read Stories about Business Innovation

Read Stories About Business Innovation

Check out our magazine, Your Tomorrow Today. It’s full of customer stories that talk about how businesses innovate with Oracle, so they can solve tomorrow’s issues, today.

AI and Chatbots Enhance the Madrid Open

AI and Chatbots Enhance the Madrid Open

The Mutua Madrid Open enriches tennis fans' experiences through technology. Read how AI and chatbots deliver real-time match updates and statistics.

Oracle OpenWorld

Oracle OpenWorld:
Registration Is Open

Learn how to adopt new technologies—including autonomous database, blockchain, and AI—and maximize performance of your applications. September 16–19, San Francisco.

Java 12

Oracle Increases Developer Productivity with Java 12

Oracle JDK 12 includes preview of switch expressions plus improvements to garbage collection and class data sharing.

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