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Oracle Customer Success—Babcock International Group Plc

Babcock International Group Plc

Babcock Protects Defense Information Assets with a Secure Information-Sharing Hub


Oracle’s Identity and Access Management solutions are helping us to deliver a secure, collaborative information hub to the Ministry of Defense, to improve information asset management and reduce risk.

— Nicole Flooks, Strategic Capability Development Manager, Babcock International Group Plc

Babcock International Group Plc is an engineering-support services organization that delivers critical services to the defense, energy, telecommunications, transport, and education sectors. Babcock provides the engineering and project-management expertise to design, build, manage, operate, and maintain the assets and infrastructure vital to the delivery of many key public services in the UK and overseas.

Babcock’s Maritime Division provides support services to the UK Ministry of Defense (MoD), including managing and maintaining core assets, such as dockyards, ships, and submarines. The MoD relies heavily on outside suppliers and contractors to maintain its assets. The MoD’s Defense Equipment & Support Submarine Operating Centre looked to Babcock to create an information-sharing hub that serves as a safe repository to store documentation and enables suppliers to collaborate securely on multiple projects over long time periods.
Babcock chose Oracle Identity and Access Management solutions to provide secure access to information and documentation relating to the submarine operating center’s information assets, which are managed with Oracle WebCenter Portal and Oracle WebCenter Content. This solution will provide secure, federated access to necessary documentation for hundreds of organizations—from large military contractors, to smaller suppliers and contractors that supply and maintain parts, such as engine and navigation-system components.

Babcock worked with Oracle Platinum Partner Aurionpro Solutions on an initial pilot to prove that the identity and access management solution would enhance automation, security, and control while reducing security-breach risks.

Babcock will deliver a single, standardized platform to the submarine operating center, providing federated access to secure information and supporting a multilayered security architecture. Previously, it could take up to five days to provide individuals with access to the documentation they need. With increased automation, the submarine operating center will be able to provide secure access immediately, and individuals will be offered access to certain subsets of data where applicable, further increasing security and control.
Babcock will provide complete audit statistics to the submarine operating center, showing exactly who is accessing the information, when, and from where. The service desk will have improved visibility to monitor access more granularly—by individual and location. Babcock will also improve management of digital identities with automated user provisioning and deprovisioning to ensure contractors and suppliers have timely access to necessary documentation for each individual maintenance project.

Why They Chose Oracle

Babcock is an established Oracle customer and wanted to re-use its existing Oracle technology stack for its document-management solution, to leverage its spend on its existing product set while ensuring streamlined integration between systems. This is also in line with the MoD’s aim to save costs by maximizing re-use whenever possible. Oracle and Aurionpro Solutions worked with Babcock and the submarine operating center to assess the risk and recommend the appropriate levels of security and access.

We have a great relationship with Oracle, and the team is always on-hand to discuss our requirements and assist with any challenges. Oracle has a thorough understanding of the defense and engineering industries’ needs. Longevity is very important to us, and Oracle provides world-class products and offers innovative solutions that it develops and enhances over the long-term.

— Nicole Flooks, Strategic Capability Development Manager, Babcock International Group Plc


Babcock worked with Oracle Platinum Partner Aurionpro Solutions and Oracle to produce a pilot system for the proof of concept within just six months. Aurionpro helped to build the use cases to prove the technology would work and provided deep technical expertise in Oracle’s identity management solutions. Meanwhile, Oracle provided additional product support via its product-development team, when necessary.

Babcock, Aurionpro Solutions, Oracle, and the submarine operating center conducted the testing, collaboratively, with key suppliers and contractors. Throughout this phase, the project team leveraged a number of steering groups, user groups, and presentations to build consensus and support. The team invited suppliers who were system users to the presentations, enabling them to influence the process and provide input according to their needs and requirements.
Following the successful pilot phase, the new identity and access management environment will go live to support the submarine operating center’s business in mid-2015.

About Babcock International Group Plc


London, England



Annual Revenue

Over $5 Billion


Oracle recommended Oracle Platinum Partner Aurionpro Solutions as an identity-and-security expert with a sound understanding of the Oracle product set. Aurionpro provided technical expertise throughout the project, working onsite at the customer premises and at the data center. Oracle and Aurionpro worked together to ensure that the identity suite integrated seamlessly into Babcock’s technology stack.

“Aurionpro Solutions is a customer-led organization, 100% focused on delivering a five-star experience to the end customer. Oracle and Aurionpro worked diligently to meet the tight, six-month timeline to deliver the pilot service,” Flooks said.
Published:  Feb 02, 2015