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Oracle Customer Success—Bynx Ltd.

Bynx Ltd.

Bynx Improves Market Position by Optimizing Customers’ Software Usage


As an independent software vendor, we have to sell compliant licenses along with any Oracle software. Mistakes could be critical for customers and ourselves. Oracle License Management Services has helped underpin our customers’ trust in us and ensure that we stay on the right track.

— Steve Shawyer, Lead Consultant, Bynx Ltd.

Bynx Optimizes Customers’ Licensing Status to Gain a Solid Competitive Edge in Vehicle Fleet, Leasing, and Rental Management

Bynx is a business solutions provider in the vehicle fleet, leasing, and rental market. The company offers a robust, scalable, and flexible software platform to manage lifecycle costs of fleet vehicles for customers across all continents. Bynx software is used to run customer fleets from a few hundred to 100,000 vehicles. The company’s primary products bynxFLEET, bynxNET, bynxMOBILE and bynxMI are based on Oracle technology.

Licensing these complex software configurations is a critical task especially when customers undergo business readjustments or IT realignment. Ensuring compliance with Oracle’s licensing policies is a key requirement Bynx must meet to retain customers’ trust. An audit carried out in collaboration with Oracle License Management Services turned out to be the best way to eliminate any uncertainty in this respect.

Business Challenge
  • Gain exact information and confirmation on the use of Oracle software to eliminate any compliance risks or exposure for both Bynx and its customers
  • Facilitate competitive and customer-oriented product offers by avoiding any over or under licensing and complying with Oracle’s licensing policies at all times
  • Gain a deep insight into tailored Oracle licensing concepts to lay the foundation for more knowledgeable advice to customers’ present and future requirements
  • Ensure distribution of Oracle software licenses in accordance with valid distribution agreements
  • Leveraged an Oracle license audit with Oracle License Management Services to gather detailed information on distributed software products, actual product use, renewed contracts, etc., to confirm that Bynx’s and Oracle’s license usage records match
  • Eliminated the risk of over or under licensing Oracle software and potential penalties for existing customers such as fleet management and accident management companies by auditing that Bynx software licenses are distributed in accordance with valid Oracle license distribution agreements
  • Gained confidence that Bynx’s understanding of Oracle licensing and the processes for recording license usage meet Oracle License Management Services’s audit criteria
  • Gained detailed insight into Oracle’s current licensing policies which facilitates and accelerates the preparation of fleet management tenders for Bynx
  • Gained the ability to prepare more insightful offers that include alternative, cost-efficient licensing concepts—for example, user-based instead of processor-based licenses under specific conditions
  • Increased overall confidence of customers such as fleet management and rental management companies in Bynx’ expertise and services
  • Gained access to large international enterprises that require successful manufacturer audits from all of their software vendors, since Bynx is capable of demonstrating that software licenses are distributed in accordance with Oracle license distribution agreements


We have been with Oracle for 25 years and have gathered extensive expertise in all aspects of software licensing. Few third-party service providers would be able to surpass our knowledge and experience. When it comes to acquiring additional knowledge in this area the one and only place for us to go is Oracle License Management Services.

— Steve Shawyer, Lead Consultant, Bynx Ltd.


Bynx and Oracle License Management Services agreed on a time frame of eight weeks and everything was completed successfully and on time. Thanks to extensive records of current Oracle software usage that were at hand, both parties were able to fill remaining gaps in the shortest period of time. Bynx was then able to instruct customers accordingly and utilize findings of the audit for new prospects and offers.

About Bynx Ltd.


Warwickshire, United Kingdom



Annual Revenue

Under US$100 million

Bynx Ltd. is a world leader in automotive software solutions for vehicle leasing, contract hire, fleet management and vehicle rental. Established more than 25 years ago, the company now has operations across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, and the Americas. Customers range from small fleet operators to large leasing companies managing many thousands of leasing and rental contracts. The number of vehicles currently managed by Bynx fleet management solutions worldwide is around 1 million.

Oracle Solutions Used

Published:  May 02, 2017