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Oracle Customer Success—YellowDog Ltd.

YellowDog Ltd.

YellowDog Delivers Projects up to 10x Faster on Oracle IaaS


We have traditionally sourced our cloud compute power from AWS, Rackspace, and OVH, where there is not always compute availability. The power and elasticity of Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services enables us to deliver complex rendering up to 10x faster and consistently satisfy our most demanding clients.

— Gareth Williams, CEO and Founder, YellowDog Ltd

YellowDog Delivers Computer Generated Image Rendering Projects up to 10x Faster by Deploying Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

YellowDog is a British startup that taps public cloud infrastructure and idle capacity in a handful of company data centers to its give customers, such as creative and architectural firms, the processing power needed to produce complex 3D renderings of their work. To reduce turnaround times, boost service levels, increase brand image, and support rapid expansion into new markets, the company needed to increase the stability, availability, and processing power of its cloud infrastructure.

Oracle's Bare Metal Gives YellowDog Its Byte

Business Challenge
  • Deliver fast service and turnaround time for CPU-intensive image rendering projects requested by artistic and production studios, 90% of whom run out of computer power when it comes to rendering
  • Obtain the ability to meet all customer rendering requests and charge premiums for rapid turnarounds by providing computing power on demand.
  • Increase automation of the computer generated image rendering process while ensuring high levels of security for sensitive and confidential customer projects such as animated films, television commercials, and architectural designs
  • Rapidly expand into international markets by enhancing the YellowDog image with the addition of a powerful IT brand with renowned computing power
  • Boosted compute speed up to 10x compared to the fastest nodes from YellowDog’s other IT providers by implementing Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services, enabling the company to provide significantly faster rendering turnaround times for its customers, such as visual effects studios and architectural firms
  • Increased flexibility of computer generated image rendering prices and services by harnessing the power of Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services, for example by charging a premium rate that allows customers with urgent needs to spin up to 198,000 compute cores in a little over 30 minutes
  • Improved customer satisfaction considerably thanks to the ability to deliver rendering jobs faster than market norms, leading to a number of non-solicited customer recommendations and testimonials
  • Enhanced the startup’s brand image by offering fast, flexible rendering services backed by the power and prestige of Oracle Cloud, enabling the company to expand into the United States and Canada, the world’s largest markets for computer generated image rendering
  • Elevated security with the usage of Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services’s private network and identity policies—enhancing YellowDog’s value proposition by ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive client projects, for example commercial product designs, animated television shows, or automotive work for vehicles that are not yet on the market
  • Improved service levels by providing a highly available infrastructure with dramatically increased computing power, ensuring that large architectural or artistic rendering projects are always delivered to customers on time
  • Streamlined business operations by using Oracle Cloud to automate the entire rendering process through access to Oracle’s application programming interface (API)
  • Ensured a smooth and rapid deployment—vital for startup operations—for example as YellowDog’s software was installed on Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services during the company’s first meeting with Oracle, and production instances were up and running within one week


We benchmarked Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services against our production deployment with fantastic results that blew anything we had previously used out of the water. It was at least twice as fast as any other instance we have running, with one result nearly 10x faster.

— Gareth Williams, CEO and Founder, YellowDog Ltd

About YellowDog Ltd.


Bristol, United Kingdom


Less than 50

Annual Revenue

Under US$100 million

YellowDog Ltd. was founded in 2015 and has since gone through a planned program of research, product development, and investment before the fully grown YellowDog was launched in late 2015. With its unique technology, it securely harnesses and monetizes underutilized computer power, enabling businesses to deliver compute-intensive projects rapidly and cost effectively.

Oracle Solutions Used

Published:  Apr 19, 2017