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Scenario: You work in HR. You are on a business trip and notice an increase in employees leaving the company.

Start your Oracle Analytics Simulation
Show me current employee turnover rate for the last six months.

Using your mobile device, you ask Oracle Analytics for more information.


You quickly see an increasing trend in turnover month-to-month.


Share the results with colleagues and ask why employees are leaving at an increased rate.


Mission: Use Oracle Analytics to discover why employees are leaving at an increased rate.

Accept your first mission

Oracle Analytics provides many different visualization options and color customizations.

Let's select the Sunburst visualization

To identify the key reasons affecting employee turnover,

1. Select Reason Code

2. Click on Explain Reason Code

Key Takeaway

Technicians that have the highest performance rating have the highest turnover rate.

The high performing Technicians are leaving because they are not getting promoted to Senior Technicians.

Mission 1 complete!

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Let's start by looking at forecasted turnover for the next few quarters.

Click on the + sign to open a new canvas

Filter by Date and Turnover Count.

Drag the selected Data Elements and drop onto the canvas

We see that turnover was high for the last two quarters. Now let's forecast the next few quarters.

Click on Menu icon

Forecast the next few quarters.

Select Forecast

See an increase in turnover forecasted over the next few quarters.

Click on Menu icon to add a Trend Line

Add a trend line to see overall turnover trend.

Select Trend Line

Key Takeaway

Employee turnover is forecasted to increase over the next few months unless corrective action is started.

Mission 2 complete!

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To start, add Employee Training data to the canvas to see relationship between training and turnover.

1. Select the + sign

2. Click Add Data Set...

With Employee Training data added, we can enrich the data.

Click on Employee Turnover Data

Let’s enrich the state and zip code data with city data.

Select Location

Select Enrich Location with City

Click on Visualize

Drag the selected Data Elements to the canvas

  • Location City
  • Location State
  • Turnover Count
  • Career Training

Key Takeaway

There is more employee turnover in Seattle and Chicago partially due to less employee training.

Mission 3 complete!

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