Security, archives, audits, testing, compliance, availability planning.

It might feel like a less exciting part of the journey, but ensuring you have the right foundation in place is critical to your Cloud evolution.

We will help you understand the essentials that are important, but sometimes overlooked: security, availability planning, disaster recovery, compliance, access controls, application optimization, integration analysis, operations monitoring, and archival solutions.

Together, let’s ensure that your company doesn’t make headlines for the wrong reasons!

Take a deeper dive into this module if you...
  • Are forward-thinking and want to protect your company from future threats.
  • Want to ensure that your company doesn’t make headlines for the wrong reasons i.e. security breach.
  • Need a plan that protects your company in the event of an unforeseen event or disaster.
  • Want to proactively manage Cloud availability brought forth from planned or unplanned spikes in demand.
  • Want to understand the compliance, security, and access control issues specific to an industry.
Oracle recommends:
  • Understand Oracle’s solutions for security, high availability, disaster recovery and identity management
  • Learn about the benefits of Autonomous Database
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