Test a hypothesis. Build confidence. Set a direction with a relevant proof-case

Begin with the end in mind. Asking the right questions before you start your Cloud journey is a critical part of charting your path to success.

Leverage industry and technology experts to test hypotheses, answer questions, discover new solutions, and come to consensus on how to move forward with Cloud.

There are no wrong questions: Ask anything. Risk nothing.

Take a deeper dive into this module if you...
  • Want to expand your horizons by asking the right questions before getting started or expanding on Cloud.
  • Are seeking a “before and after” technology estate comparison.
  • Have questions that your want answered and hypotheses that you need tested prior to embarking on your Cloud journey.
Oracle recommends:
  • Reserve a Hello workshop to conduct hypotheses testing and engage in the “Art of the possible”.
  • Conduct an estate modernization assessment to understand how you can move from “as is” and “to be” in your Cloud evolution.
Ask Anything. Risk Nothing.

Evolve your cloud journey in a Hello! Session with our industry leaders and experienced disruptors!

Unlock ideas, jumpstart a discussion, discover new solutions, and chart a custom path in an environment where there are no wrong questions.