Migration and modernization, broken into intelligent, pragmatic pieces.

Every company has different cloud drivers – from expiration of a data center to resource constraints to new business requirements supporting an acquisition or divestiture.

Whether you’re transforming your entire business or moving a singular workload, the advantages of being on the Cloud are undeniable. You will see improved performance, lower costs, enhanced customer experiences, and better security. And if done right - you can go at your own pace with a de-risked migration and get there with minimal disruption to your business.

Take a deeper dive into this module if you...
  • Have legacy Oracle or non-Oracle applications that need to be moved to OCI.
  • Are seeking a migration strategy for successfully moving workloads to OCI.
  • Interested in an estate analysis and/or application rationalization.
  • Want to determine which apps should be prioritized for a move to Cloud --- and which apps should be abandoned.
Oracle recommends:
  • If seeking to move a few workloads to OCI, investigate Oracle’s Cloud Lift Services
  • If seeking to move large-scale, enterprise applications to OCI, engage in an application rationalization and/or estate modernization discussion with Oracle
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