Building your HR Action Plan

See below for a step-by-step guide to revamping your HR.

  • Identify what changes customers are demanding of your business.
  • Evaluate different staffing options to meet those demands.
  • Probe job candidates’ views on the pros and cons of working for you.
  • Create an action plan for the evolution of the organization.
  • Determine talent needs for the next three to five years.
  • Compare those needs with candidates in the recruiting pipeline.
  • Identify how to better attract the right types of candidates.
  • Look at how long top performers stay with the firm.
  • Analyze whether factors like more compensation or promotions make a difference.
  • Incorporate retention efforts into the ongoing corporate agenda.
  • Outline changes that would improve retention of your best employees.
  • Evaluate your preparedness for future regulatory changes.
  • Determine whether existing systems and processes are agile enough.
  • List and socialize action items to reach more efficient global compliance.
  • Identify manual processes and siloed communications in core HR and recruiting.
  • Examine how automation, social collaboration, and AI could reduce resource requirements.
  • Estimate total cost of ownership (TCO) savings of moving the HR technology infrastructure from capital expenditures to an operating expense payment model.