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How Can Oracle Help?

Transform the business quickly to deliver anything as a service.

Grow the business by unlocking new opportunities and generating more-predictable revenue streams by delivering great customer outcomes. Personalize offers and leverage self-service commerce and dynamic sales configurations to maximize profitability.

Oracle helps the delivery of enhanced customer outcomes through new subscription- and consumption-based business models that enable the delivery of anything as a service. Oracle offers a complete cloud platform that can augment or even replace a customer’s current business systems, and allows monetization of new revenue models.

Avaya’s unified communications and collaboration, contact center, and customer-experience management solutions improve engagement between customers, teams, employees, and partners, boosting efficiency and quickly addressing critical business challenges. In its quest to “put the customer first,” Avaya launched a three-year transformation program that enables it to view the complete relationship with each customer, understand their individual needs, and follow the end-to-end customer lifecycle—from lead generation to order placement to customer service.

“We wanted a solution that takes our customers seamlessly from lead generation to customer service. It had to be built on open standards, cloud-based, and something that could help us connect all the dots. Oracle cloud solutions delivered on these requirements and more.”

Fari Ebrahimi, Senior Vice President and Global CIO, Avaya

Accelerate the right products to market at scale.

Accelerate the right products at scale to grow market share and beat the competition. Oracle can help enable a connected, digital innovation process by building a digital thread that connects ideation through commercialization and customer success. Technology companies will better understand market response and feedback across their extended value chain to improve product quality, prioritize the right ideas, and accelerate launching the right product to scale at the right time.

To help rapidly re-invent technology products to better align with new, product-as-a-service business models and the delivery of great customer outcomes, Oracle Cloud allows technology companies to quickly deploy their products. This enables them to focus on their IP innovation throughout the product lifecycle—while leveraging the highest performance, reliability, and security in the cloud—to accelerate their speed to market at volume.

In order to streamline the product launch process, Symantec replaced Agile and multiple other systems with Oracle Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Cloud. By doing so, Symantec simplified their processes and significantly reduced go to market time from weeks to days. Before the implementation, it was multiple business units, applications, and complex business processes scattered across various groups, business units, and tools. With Oracle PLM Cloud, Symantec was able to simplify end-to-end process for all business owners, increase time to build and deliver more product, and centralize processes.

“We really liked the cutting-edge technology that Oracle offers from a PLM Cloud perspective. It reduced the end-to-end lead time from three-to-four weeks to three-to-five business days.”

Dayakar Duvvuru, Director IT Business Applications, Symantec

Enable a digitally connected enterprise.

Quickly adapt to changing conditions and disruptions by aligning business priorities with supply chain execution. Optimally connect demand-driven requirements with manufacturing and supplier capacities. Manage sourcing risks through allocation and multitier risk assessment of supplier quality, availability, and continuity.

Oracle helps deliver a true integrated business planning and execution solution that provides advanced, end-to-end planning and analytics capabilities so manufacturing companies can better define, plan, and achieve their business performance objectives. It incorporates advanced technologies to enable the quick detection of unexpected events, and automatically adjusts plans and operations to adapt to these changes.

“Riverbed selected Oracle Analytics Cloud that was built upon Oracle Cloud infrastructure, which processes data sets for visualization and forward-projection algorithms powered by AI capabilities. Within one quarter, the team found an 8 percent increase in early renewals, 16 percent in on-time renewals, and 68 percent improvement of forecast accuracy.”

Bhishma Jani, Senior IT Director, Riverbed

Additionally, Oracle delivers smart manufacturing by providing a scalable solution that connects disparate data and information sources to provide contextualized insights, uncovers hidden insights to take rapid actions, and provides automation to build outcome-based results.