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How Data Analytics is Changing Finance

To compete in todays talent market, HR professionals depend on business analytics to guide hiring, talent and retention decisions.

84% of businesses rank HR Analytics as an important trend1

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1Do you define your CFO role? Or does it define you? The disruption of the CFO's DNA. EY. 2016 ey-do-you-define-your-cfo-role-or-does-it-define-you.pdf

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Most finance software
answers only
the what



Oracle Analytics answers the what and the how

Oracle Analytics provides the complete view

Now see how with finance

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WHAT are the
current margins?

Oracle Analytics = What + HOW

HOW much must operating expenses decrease to improve margins?

of organizations say that
relying on spreadsheets makes
it difficult to produce accurate
and timely analytics.2

2Do you define your CFO role? Or does it define you? The disruption of the CFO’s DNA. EY. 2016 ey-do-you-define-your-cfo-role-or-does-it-define-you.pdf

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WHAT is the current
asset turnover ratio?

Oracle Analytics = What + HOW

HOW will the equity
ratio improve with
reduced dividends?

Evaluating historical data
alongside forward-looking
financial statements can assemble
a forecast that considers
potential variations

over time.3

3How can data analytics enhance financial decision-making? Phocus Business Intelligence Blog. 2019

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WHAT outstanding invoices
do I have?

Oracle Analytics = What + HOW

HOW would longer
payment terms improve
cash position?

Predictive analytics systems
can help finance teams identify potential performance shortfalls
and engage the business to remedy
them well before they impact
financial statements.

4Advanced Analytics and the CFO. Harvard Business Review Analytics Services.

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WHAT are our outstanding
accounts receivable balances?

Oracle Analytics = What + HOW

HOW would discounts
incent early payments?

Knowing the various trends gives you a chance to make an informed decision for the finances of the business. It could be increasing the revenues or expanding operations. 5

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