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Supremo Fashion service manager

Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform for service

As a service manager at Supremo Fashion, you and your team strive to provide support to customers where and when they need it.

Your customer, Maya, is looking for new business attire.

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Your customer, Maya, visits your website and selects a handful of outfits. Oracle’s digital service solution allows you to use her behavior on your website to personalize her digital experience.


As a returning customer, Maya can quickly log in and begin her personalized experience.


Why Oracle?

Our rules engine pulls relevant data from various sources including search, customer history, and more to offer relevant guidance for each customer.

Because Maya is a high-value customer browsing high-value products, we offer her the option to live chat with a design expert.

Click “Next” to see how the admin defines proactive chat rules.


Why Oracle?

Use business rules to define when live chat, digital assistants, video chat, and relevant knowledge pop up or other actions occur.

Using pre-set business rules and real-time data, such as Maya’s customer lifetime value score, we instantly offered live chat to improve her browsing experience.

Click “Next” to see how Unity can provide input to drive better experiences.


As an administrator, you can use your customer’s email address to look up their information in Oracle Unity.

Click Maya’s row

Why Oracle?

Customer profile data is dynamically updated and available across all interactions with the customer.


On the customer profile page, you can see that Maya has a high propensity to purchase apparel. This information was used to offer her live chat.

The Oracle Service routing engine receives the incoming live chat request, queries Oracle Unity profile data, then directs the chat to the appropriate team.

Why Oracle?

Connect customers to the right agent using business rules based on key customer attributes such as preferred channels, popular products, return frequency, and more.


The service agent sees the incoming chat request and accepts.

Click “Accept” to chat

The live chat connection is quick and seamless for both Maya and the service agent.

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The agent desktop automatically opens and provides relevant information, unique to that customer, such as past purchases and interaction history.

Click case details tab for more

Maya’s customer data and service history are built into the agent desktop, and are instantly available to your service agent.

Click Customer 360 tab

Oracle Unity gives you an always up-to-date, complete view of the customer in one place.

Click for more customer details

Why Oracle?

With a complete view of your customer built into the agent desktop, you’re able to see recent transactions, customer lifetime value, preferred products, and more in real-time; helping you build trust and improve customer value metrics with each customer.


Using video chat, your service agent can showcase products from your website. In this case, Maya receives a demonstration of some outfits that she’s considering.

Click to start video chat

Maya was pleased with the options your service agent shared on the video chat, but wants to think over her selections before making a purchase.


Your service agent notes Maya’s interests in the insights panel and adds her to a targeted marketing campaign.

Click “Add contact to campaign”

Maya’s profile is updated in Unity and made available to the marketing system that sends Maya personalized follow-up emails with relevant offers and discounts.


Nice work!

We’ve created a highly-targeted audience segment based on previous campaign results and learnings.

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