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Client-side Data Stores

It is possible to choose how to access a file or database - via the client or the server.

If you choose to access a file or database via the client, the connection to the data store is made through drivers on the client machine. This means that data from the store is 'pushed' onto the OEDQ server via the client, rather than 'pulled' from the file using drivers on the OEDQ server. This is useful where the OEDQ server does not have access to the data store - for example, to allow the processing of Excel spreadsheets and other files that may be stored on a client machine.

This means that the following restriction applies:

See Snapshots and Exports.

If you need the access to the file or database to be scheduled, for example, if the file is regularly uploaded and picked up by an overnight process, you should choose to access the file via the server. For file-based data stores, this means the file must exist in the landing area on the server when it needs to be snapshotted. Note that the file may be downloaded into the landingarea from another network location using a File Download (a type of External Task), with the user name and password required to access the file specifiable as part of the file download. The user account used to run the OEDQ application server does not normally have any permissions to network shares.

If writing the file by an export, the file may be created by the export task, though the configured directory of the file must already exist.

The configuration options for accessing files or databases may vary depending on whether the file is accessed via the client or the server, as different drivers are used.

The default landing area for files in OEDQ is a folder called landingarea in the OEDQ config directory.

Note: If required, an administrator can change the OEDQ configuration directory from the OEDQ Launchpad.

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