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Data Stores

A Data Store is a connection to a store of data, whether the data is stored in a database or in one or more files. The data store may be used as the source of data for a process, or you may export the written Staged Data results of a process to a data store, or both.

It is normally recommended to connect to the data store via the server. When connecting to files, this means that the files must exist in the server landing area to ensure that the server will be able to access them. However, it is also possible to pull the data onto the server using a client connection. See Client-side data stores for more details.

OEDQ supports native connections to the following types of data store:


Note: OEDQ can also support connections to Teradata systems, if the Teradata JDBC driver is purchased.

Connecting OEDQ to DB2 for i5/OS

To connect OEDQ to a DB2 for i5/OS database, the DB2 for iSeries driver must be downloaded.

Use the following procedure:

  1. Download Toolbox for Java/JTOpen from
  2. Extract the downloaded file. The filename will be in the format (, where N and n represent the first and second digits of the version number.
  3. Create a folder called db2i5 in the config/dbconnectors directory.
  4. Copy in the jt400.jar file from the zip file extracted in step 2, and copy it to the db2i5 folder.
  5. Restart the OEDQ (Datanomic) application server.

Text Files

XML Files

MS Office Files


OEDQ supports connectivity to other data stores using standards such as JDBC and ODBC. ODBC connections can only be made via the Client.

See Oracle's JDBC FAQ for information to help you connect to a data store using a JDBC URL.

The connection details to a Data Store are saved on the OEDQ server. Any user with access to that server, and the relevant project, can then use that data store.


The following screenshot shows an example Data Store being added - in this case an Oracle database:


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