Oracle Hardware Certification Test Suite (Oracle HCTS) Overview

Welcome to the Oracle Solaris Operating System Hardware Certification Program for SPARC and x86 systems and components.

This program enables independent hardware vendors (IHVs), system manufacturers, system integrators, and end users to check compatibility of their systems and components with the Oracle Solaris on SPARC and x86 platforms. You can also test the Oracle Solaris 10 OS or Oracle Solaris 11 OS running as a guest OS on virtual platforms.

Compatibility testing under this program and audit of test results are criteria for Oracle to list third party systems on the HCL as Certified and to offer support for Oracle Solaris 10 and Oracle Solaris 11 on such systems.

Certification tests for SPARC and x86 products cover only 64-bit architectures. Certification tests cover both the Oracle Solaris 10 OS, Oracle Solaris 11 OS and update releases. Oracle HCTS certification requires 64-bit Oracle Solaris OS.

This page provides the following information about the Oracle Hardware Certification Test Suite:

  Before You Begin
  Steps to Certify
  Certification for Systems
  Certification for Components
  More Information