Create Object

The Create Object pattern is most often done by activating a trigger, such as a button (text and/or icon) or a gesture, after which the user must enter some minimal amount of information to create a new object. The object details can be handled in a new page, a popup, or in the same place as the creation process. Objects are housed in collections, such as lists or grids, where they can later be accessed. Information on object details and collections can be found in the Manage Object pattern..


Appearance characteristics for this component.

Icon or Button

Empty Object

Empty Space



Common behaviors for this component.

Once the user has triggered the creation of a new object, she may or may not be required to enter additional details before proceeding. There are a number of ways of handling this:


Usage guidelines for this component.


Fig 1. Create Form


Fig 2. Floating Action Button


Fig 3. Compose


Fig 4. Master Detail - Tablet


Fig 5. Empty Space


Fig 6. Empty Object