Oracle Databases for Containers and Kubernetes

Oracle offers convenient, containerized images (Podman and Docker) for a single instance, sharded, and Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) databases running on single or multiple hosts, reducing deployment and management work. Oracle’s database operator on Kubernetes automates the lifecycle management of Oracle Databases by extending Kubernetes APIs.

Kubernetes, Containers, and Microservices with the Oracle Database (27:31)
Announcing Oracle Database 23ai: Bring AI to your data

Larry Ellison and Juan Loaiza discuss the GenAI strategy behind Oracle Database 23ai.

Oracle Databases for Containers and Kubernetes features

Containerized Databases on Kubernetes

Kubernetes provides orchestration for rapid provisioning of containerized Oracle Databases. Kubernetes supports faster deployments through prebuilt configurations, self-monitoring, and elasticity.

Oracle Database Operator for Kubernetes

Oracle Database offers the Kubernetes API software extensions with custom resource definitions and controllers for automating operations and lifecycle management of databases deployed within and outside Kubernetes clusters.

Accelerate development and testing

Quickly provision databases for development and testing using prebuilt images, accelerating delivery of cloud or on-premises applications.

Consolidate databases

Reduce infrastructure costs and complexity by running more database containers on fewer servers.


Run containerized Oracle Databases across on-premises and cloud quickly and consistently.


Add multiple containers to efficiently create more instances of Oracle Database, running only the number of containers required to support database workloads.

Runtime environments for Docker and Podman

Container images Docker (OL7) Podman (OL8)
Production Production
Single instance database (includes SE, EE, XE and Oracle Database 23ai Free) 19.22c, 21.3c 19.22c, 21.3c, 23ai Free
Globally Distributed Database 19.22c, 21.3c 19.22c, 21.3c
Oracle RAC (On-premises only) 19.16c, 21.3c 19.16c, 21.7c

Explore the Oracle Container Registry

Orchestration of infrastructure for database deployment

Leverage Oracle Database containerized images to automate deployment and integration with your IT infrastructure.

Monitoring of infrastructure resources

Monitor resources to maintain the high availability of application states and scale or descale database pods based on your workload requirements.

Runtime environments for Kubernetes

Container images Oracle Cloud Native Environment (OCNE) and OCI Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE)
Single instance database (includes SE, EE, XE and Oracle Database 23ai Free) 19.22c, 21.3c, 23ai Free
Globally Distributed Database 19.22c, 21.3c

GitHub—Oracle Database on container runtime environments

Automation of database management

Oracle Database Operator for Kubernetes (OraOperator) helps developers, DBAs, DevOps, and GitOps teams reduce the time and complexity of deploying and managing Oracle Databases. It eliminates the dependency on a human operator or administrator for most database operations.

Kubernetes APIs extended for database lifecycle management and deployment

Oracle Database is natively part of the Kubernetes infrastructure to start, stop, monitor, patch, upgrade, and perform other lifecycle management operations from Kubernetes. It provides these capabilities whether your Oracle Database is in the cloud, on-premises, or in Kubernetes.

OraOperator Release v 1.1.0

Controllers and lifecycle support
Containerized database on K8s clusters
Single instance database (SE, EE, XE, Oracle Database 23ai Free) Provision database Clone database Patch database Delete database Modify database configuration parameters
Data Guard (Preview) Create standby for single instance database Add databases in DG config Manual switch over Patching primary and secondary
Globally Distributed Database Provision topology of shards Add a shard Delete a shard Clone database shard Provision topology of user-defined shards in a Kubernetes cluster
OCI-only databases
Autonomous Database with Oracle RAC (Serverless and Dedicated) Provision Autonomous Database Bind Autonomous Database Start/stop Autonomous Database Terminate
Network access options Long-term Backup and Restore
Base DB with Oracle RAC Provision Bind Scale shape up/down Scale up the storage On-demand backup Terminate a Base Database
On-premises and OCI Databases
Multitenant Database with Oracle RAC (Exadata, PDB/CDB) Bind to a CDB Create a PDB Plug a PDB Unplug a PDB Delete a PDB Clone a PDB Open/close PDB

Operator level enhancements v1.1.0

  • Enhanced security with scoped deployment to namespace
  • Oracle Database 23ai Free provision
  • Automatic deployment from the OCI Container Engine for Kubernetes console
  • OKE Workload Identity: Uses OKE credentials for greater access control
July 6, 2023

Oracle Database Operator for Kubernetes goes production

Kuassi Mensah, Director of Product Management, Oracle

Announcing the production release (version 1.0.0) of Oracle Database Operator for Kubernetes (aka OraOperator).

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