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The Changing Shape of Consumer Banking Relationships

Gen Z and millennial customers are seeking digital banking solutions that empower them to make personalized money choices in the moment. Beyond fast digital payments, they want advice and direction more than anything else.

Discover on-demand webcasts that help you keep up with what's happening across the financial services landscape.
Redefine the Banking Value Chain

Collaborate. Innovate. Excel.

Are you prepared for connected corporate banking?

Respond instantly to customer needs, offer a differentiated value proposition, and build a financial ecosystem that fuels your corporate customers’ rapidly expanding value chains.

Can you unshackle the burden of legacy payments?

Are you able to address diverse business-line requirements and foster growth?

Leverage a modern, universal banking platform to launch digital capabilities, accelerate business agility, build partnerships, optimize efficiency, and drive new value across retail and corporate banking business lines.

Do you have the right strategy to deliver the perfect banking experience?

Reinvent customer engagement with harmonized data, streamlined processes, and agile systems. Create deeper relationships with tailored products and well-timed services.

Are you struggling to improve control and reduce the cost of your lending lifecycle?

Are you providing lifecycle processing across products?

Process hedge funds, mutual funds, unit-linked insurance products, and pension products across lines of business on a single platform.

FinTech Marketplace and Startup Connect
FinTech Marketplace and Startup Connect

Clear the Path to Capital Clarity with Virtual Account Management

Virtual Accounts are not a new concept, but with the advent of faster payments and open banking, they have evolved to offer banks and their corporate clients powerful use cases. We invite you on a journey to see how VAM is transforming treasury functions—with endless applications.

Clear the Path to Capital Clarity

SME Banking: Data-Driven Lending in the Age of AI

No longer constrained by tightly controlled information pipelines, consumers in today’s experience economy are aware of the breadth of opportunities presented by nontraditional product sources, and expect companies to keep up. Oracle is transforming SME bank lending origination with a data-driven, progressive-decisioning platform that modernizes access to data and processes.

Decoding the Buzz

ISO 20022: Unlocking the Power of Rich Data in Payments

The mandated switch to a data-rich payments standard is more than just a compliance exercise. It is paving the way for banks to build the future of cross-border payments. And while the new migration start date is now almost two years away, banks who are taking the plunge today – rather than waiting – are better positioned to lead this modernization journey smoothly. For the others, what is the right approach to easing the complexities of such a transition? And why start now? Join us in this moderated discussion with SWIFT as we address some of your burning questions around ISO 20022.

Decoding the Buzz
Customer Innovation Stories: Oracle Banking Innovators are embracing modern banking solutions to become more agile and efficient and to meet rising customer expectations. Read their stories.
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Customer Success Stories

Heartland logo

Heartland Bank Engages with Customers on Digital Platforms and Improves Turnaround Time


Heartland Bank

One of the changes we are seeing is the speed of turnaround. The feedback we are getting from customers is that it’s taking half the time on the Oracle system. Also, previously it took us four to six weeks to change a product feature. Now it takes us only a few hours.
Jeff Greenslade, CEO, Heartland Bank
Ecobank logo

Ecobank Transforms Operations Across 32 Countries



Lloyd Atabansi, CTO and managing director of Ecobank, discusses how the bank has streamlined customer experience, improved customer service with new offerings, and facilitated cross-border transactions for its retail and wholesale banking customers.

VIXXO logo

VIXXO Drives Powerful Pricing and Billing Management



We get better data, better analytics, and better information back. We also gain the ability to have less touching and manual manipulation of data prior to getting to our customers. Essentially it means we are getting it right.
Dan James, Director, Vixxo
Westpac logo

Westpac Undertakes Strategic Customer Service Transformation



We are trying to drive customer-centric processes across our channels and our brands. Oracle Banking Platform provides the architecture we wanted to deliver that experience to our customers.
Tim Whiteley, General Manager, Application Development, Westpac

Banking Blogs and Thought Leadership

In The Spotlight

Fast Forward: Accelerating the Digitization of Corporate Banking

Fast Forward: Accelerating the Digitization of Corporate Banking

Join our panel discussion to learn the impact of the pandemic and identify four focus areas that banks must re-think going into 2021.

Evolving Business Models and the Modern Core Platform

Evolving Business Models and the Modern Core Platform

Learn about the evolution of new bank business models in retail banking and the role the core banking platform must play to support it.

Setting a new standard in asset finance

Setting A New Standard In Asset Finance

Empowering clients across the lending and leasing lifecycle from originations to servicing through collections.