Hospitality—Hotel Food and Beverage Role

Oracle Hospitality—Hotel Food and Beverage

Maximize Performance

Drive sales and efficiency using a market-leading food and beverage platform that seamlessly integrates with hotel systems.

Integrated Food and Beverage Control
Integrated Food and Beverage Control icon Integrated Food and Beverage Control

How can you leverage technology to run an efficient hotel food and beverage operation?

Maximize revenues from your restaurants and bars by attracting guests, delivering excellent service, and minimizing waste and manual administration.

Control and Protect Profits
Control and Protect Profits icon Control and Protect Profit

How can you secure your operations to maximize profitability?

Stay in total control of your food and beverage operations with systems to monitor inventory, cash, promotions, and labor.

Integrated Inventory Management
Integrated Inventory Management icon Integrated Inventory Management

How can you manage your food and beverage stock effectively?

If you have complete control of your inventory you can build a clear picture of the profitability of your menu, making adjustments as ingredient prices change.

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