Industry Focus: Communications

Industry Focus: Communications EMEA

Communications Industry Offers Massive Opportunity for Partners

The communications industry’s transition from being technology-led to customer-led has fixed providers’s attention firmly on the need to improve the customer experience. Following two decades of liberalisation and deregulation, the communications industry of the early twenty-first century is characterised by mergers, acquisitions and unprecedented levels of competition. The need to keep prices low while offering the most innovative services and highest standards of customer care drives the industry forward and foges the market leaders of tomorrow.



Oracle Commitment to the Communications Industry and Partners

Did you know that:

  • 85% of Telecommunications Companies use Oracle
  • this represents 30% of Oracle’s Global Revenue
  • Oracle employs 5,400 Applications Developers of whom some 20% - 30% work on functionality that enables core Telco business processes

Oracle takes part in major industry organisations such as the TeleManagement Forum as well as standard bodies directly related to developing open Telecommunications solutions. Oracle software development reviews industry directions and enhances Oracle applications and technology software to reflect the Telecoms Industry specifically.

Oracle Comms and Media EMEA employs over 30 experienced industry experts supported by dedicated Telecoms partner organisation both at EMEA and National level.

Oracle EMEA Program for Partners

Oracle sponsors a unique partner program specifically designed for Partners developing or implementing Oracle Solutions within the Communications sector. The value to our selective partners in working with Oracle are:

  • Dedicated Telecoms Industry Partners resources, to help with any need
  • eBusiness Suite and industry briefings and trainings specifically for Partners
  • Protect install base by integrating disparate information and developing or migrating new applications onto a modern technical environment
  • Technology and cost advantage over: SQL Server and SAP

Telecoms want to purchase solutions from trusted advisors. Leverage your industry expertise on Oracle's leading business applications and technology to offer complete integrated solutions to meet their business needs.

Network Equipment Manufacturers, Hardware and Infrastructure Vendors
Networks are changing shape. Significant new investments are likely over the next few years and the technology direction is away from several `traditional` areas. Propriety technolgy is being pushed back and new doors are opening.

Following this trend Oracle is moving in the direction of real-time switch deployable software at the upper tier of the network. Its own investment plans in terms of acquisitions and technology developments are now reflecting this.

Telco companies are looking for simplicity: in purchasing, deploying and using technology. By combining the technology elements together into a simple package, you can offer your clients a "one-stop" option for all their Technology/IT requirements.

Oracle Service Delivery Platform (SDP)

The telecommunications world has been changing rapidly over the last few years. While traditional voice revenue has been under pressure the upside from rapid deployment of new revenue generating services for incumbents has never been greater. This dual pressure is creating a unique situation for service providers, whereby they must simultaneously obtain the maximum return on their existing investments and deploy new revenue-generating services rapidly.

About Oracle SDP

Oracle's Service Delivery Platform (SDP) brings together the flexibility and maturity of Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Database with strong telecommunication functionality to enable service providers to quickly and efficiently deploy new data, voice, and multi-media services. Oracle SDP provides the ideal platform to build new and exciting real-time, media-rich and voice-enabled applications.

Working with Oracle SDP

By partnering with Oracle and by joining our upcoming SDP Go-to-Market initiative you will gain access to lead generation campaigns, marketing tools, sales kits, training roadmaps, technical support and much more - for you to integrate your solution(s) to complement our Oracle SDP.Working closely with the Oracle SDP Industry Business Unit, we hold an unmatched money-making opportunity!
To find out more, please visit us.

The EMEA Program for Partners Includes Benefits as:

Development Benefits

Education and Consulting Benefits

  • Product engineered for Communications Industry
  • Oracle Comms product information
  • Access to Comms Development resources (restriction apply)
  • Discount Product and Technology training courses specifically for Communications Industry
  • Industry Business Flows training courses
  • Online Comms Training through OPN
  • Pre-implementation and Implementation Support
  • Project related Consulting Trainings

Marketing Benefits

Sales Benefits

  • Priority funding for selective marketing campaigns
  • Oracle Comms Solution sales kits
  • Joint sponsorship and support of industry trade-shows
  • Oracle Comms Brochure and Solution collateral
  • Comms Partners in Solutions Catalog listing
  • Additional discounts on licensing and support (restrictions apply)
  • Positioning and Selling Comms Solutions seminars

Build Your Communications Business with Oracle

Oracle PartnerNetwork members gain access to benefits, tools and resources by becoming a part of the Communications Partner Initiative.

  • If you are not a member of Oracle PartnerNetwork, join now.
  • Knowledge Zone: Connect with your peers, Participate in a variety of social networks, and Collaborate on business opportunities
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