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  • FY14 at a glance

    The EMEA Oracle Partner Days programme promises to provide Partners with a full update on the latest Oracle strategy and product portfolio information, as well as addressing the opportunities this presents to the Partner Network at large.

    In bringing together key stakeholders within the regional Partner Network, the programme provides a unique forum for these individuals to engage with, learn from, share knowledge with and identify new business opportunities with one another.

    The FY14 programme will stage events across most of the EMEA countries in which Oracle is based, ensuring Partners get maximum value from their OPN membership.

    Watch this space for more information on the programme coming soon and we look forward to seeing you there!


  • See the latest events

    Cluster Country Date Location Language Information & Registration
    Europe North Switzerland 22nd October 2013 Montreux French Click here
    Europe North Switzerland 29th October 2013 Zurich German Click here
    Europe South Netherlands 29th October 2013 Utrecht Dutch Click here
    Europe South Belgium 7th November 2013 Gent English Click here
    Europe South Spain 13th November 2013 Madrid Spanish Click here
    UK & Ireland UK 13th November 2013 Reading English Click here
    Europe South Italy 5th December 2013 Milan Italian Click here
    Europe South France 14th January 2014 Paris French Click here
    Europe North Germany 20th January 2014 Munich German Click here
    MENA UAE 20th January 2014 Dubai English Click here
    Europe North Denmark 23rd January 2014 Copenhagen Danish Click here
    UK & Ireland Ireland 30th January 2014 Dublin English Click here
    Europe North Finland 4th February 2014 Helsinki Finnish Click here
    Europe North Norway 5th March 2014 Oslo Norweigian Click here
    Central Europe Slovakia 20th March 2014 Bratislava English Click here
    Europe North Sweden 1st April 2014 Stockholm Swedish Click here
    Africa Ghana 3rd April 2014 Accra English & French Click here
    Turkey & Central Asia Turkey 17th April 2014 Dalaman Turkish & English Click here
    MENA Lebanon 3rd - 4th June 2014 Beirut English Coming soon
    Europe South Portugal 3rd June 2014 Lisbon Portuguese Coming soon
    South Africa South Africa June 2014 Johannesburg English Coming soon


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