Application Express Solution Kit

Application Express Solution Kit

Use this solution kit to learn why you should consider this product when selling to customers. Use the tools to reach out to customers and sell the product as part of your solution. Access additional Solution Kits for other products here.


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Why Sell this Product?

  • Oracle Application Express which is included at no additional cost with all versions of the core Oracle Database is a declarative browser-based development and reporting environment that quickly pays dividends in productivity. Intended for use by power-users and PL/SQL developers alike the Application Express environment delivers a superior application experience to end-users while providing excellent opportunities for incremental services. Pre-built Packaged Applications provide immediate return on investment, and the open nature of their source means VARs do not have to start from scratch when developing solutions for their clients. Native multi-tenant capabilities enable VARs to provide applications either onsite or through a Software as a Service model.
Value Proposition to VADs and Resellers (PDF)
Call Guide (PDF)
Make the Sale Cheat Sheet (PDF)


Information & Tools for Customers

Elevator Pitch to Customers

  • Oracle APEX or Application Express (formerly HTML DB) - a no-cost feature of the Oracle Database 11g - is a declarative web-based application development & deployment environment. Using only a web browser and limited programming experience, you can develop and deploy professional-looking applications that are both fast and secure.

Whitepaper (PDF)
Business whitepaper detailing how Application Express improves employee productivity.

Demonstration Play Icon

Released March 2008 this flash based demonstration of Application Express is well produced and usable virtually any circumstance.

Downloadable Demonstration (EXE)
EXE-based version of the March 2008 Application Express demonstration.



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