Enterprise Taxation Management (ETM) Industry Application Solution Kit

Enterprise Taxation Management (ETM) Industry Application Solution Kit

Use this industry application solution kit to learn why you should consider this product when selling to customers. Use the tools to reach out to customers and position the product as part of your industry solution. Access additional Solution Kits for other products here.

Information & Tools for Partners

Why Tax?

Oracle Enterprise Taxation Management is specifically designed to support the challenges of tax and revenue agencies worldwide, expanding Oracle's commitment to the public sector industry. It is a secure, tax-specific, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software solution that enables tax and revenue authorities to optimize all aspects of the revenue collection and billing processes and quickly respond to tax law and regulatory changes.

Value Proposition to Partners

  • Global trends in Public Sector consistently show the need to share inter-agency data, reduce cost and drive efficiency will lead to the centralization of Public Sector revenue management.
  • Oracle has developed a Revenue Management product with the capability to meet the following key IT trends:
    • Configurable and Upgradeable Applications
    • SOA Based Solutions
    • Full analytics capabilities
    • Smooth deployment and change management
    • Rules and process based
  • The current Global trend is driving significant opportunity for the delivery of COTS-based, SOA Revenue Management solutions across multiple market segments:
    • Integrated Tax (Corporate Tax, Income Tax, VAT Tax)
    • Social Benefits (Unemployment Insurance, Child Support, Worker Compensation)
    • Property Tax (County & City, Governments)
    • Customs (Tariff , Collections)
  • ETM is a new product. Few Solution Integrators have deep ETM delivery skill to meet the growing Global demand for an Enterprise Revenue Solution, creating significant opportunity for early adopters
  • Oracle has a dedicated team of Revenue Management experts developing a world class Revenue Management Solution and supporting the development of our Solution Integrators
  • In addition to Oracle’s ETM application, Oracle provides multiple products and a full solution set for multiple market segments including:
    • Pre-integrated Oracle applications (e-Business Suite, Siebel)
    • Middleware
    • Technology
    • Applications

Information & Tools for Customers

Elevator Pitch to Customers

  • Provides a consolidated view of the taxpayer obligations
  • Capabilities may be configured to match your collection processes, smoothing implementation
  • Powerful collection distribution capabilities and integration with standard GL systems
  • Improves productivity through control and management of Refunds, Audit and Appeals processes
  • Improves efficiency through enhanced management insight and analysis of taxpayer activities
  • Workflow-enabled to allow for easy monitoring of taxpayer accounts
  • Provides Web Portal capability to be utilized for taxpayer inquiry and payment options

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