Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking 11 Technical Implementation Essentials

Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking 11 Technical Implementation Essentials

Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking 11 Technical Implementation Essentials (1Z0-579) exam is designed for individuals who possess a strong technical background and exposure to ERP Application implementation. This certification exam covers topics such as: Architecture and Deployment Options, Implementation Methodology, Support Methodology, Canned and Customized reports, Extensibility Features like RAD Tool and Gateway Server for Interfaces.

The Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking 11 Technical Implementation Specialist certification recognizes OPN members as OPN Certified Specialists. This certification differentiates OPN members in the marketplace by providing a competitive edge through proven expertise. This certification helps the OPN member’s partner organization qualify for the Oracle FLEXCUBE - Universal Banking 11 Specialization.

2 hours
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Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking 11 Technical Certified Implementation Specialist.

OPN Certified Specialist.


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Exam validated against release 11
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Multiple Choice


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Recommended Training
Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking 11 Technical Implementation Exam Guide (PDF)
OPN Guided Learning Path
Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking 11 Technical Implementation Specialist


Additional Information & Resources
Exam Retake Policy
Specialization Catalog (PDF) for all launched and planned Specializations
Product Mapping to Specialization (XLS)


Exam Topics

Oracle FLEXCUBE Architecture

  • Describe Oracle FLEXCUBE's technical architecture.
  • Explain deployment options.

Oracle FLEXCUBE Object Naming Conventions

  • Explain naming conventions.
  • Describe coding standards and Processes.

FLEXCUBE Hardware & Software Requirements

  • Describe hardware requirements.
  • Describe software requirements.

Oracle FLEXCUBE Installation using installer

  • Setup a Database Server.
  • Setup an Application Server.
  • Setup a Client Machine.

Oracle FLEXCUBE Implementation

  • Perform environment management.
  • Perform release management.
  • Apply Source Control using the Version Control System.
  • Use parameterization sheets
  • Use the migration template, approach and scripts.
  • Apply debugging techniques.
  • Deploy fixes and new releases.

Migration Approach

  • Setup a migration approach.

Extensibility Feature

  • Customize the database side.
  • Use FLEXCUBE RAD/MICON (Management and Integration Console Tool).
  • Customize source maintenance in the version control system and deploy on top of the kernel and cluster sources.

Oracle FLEXCUBE Gateway server for Interface

  • Explain Outbound Integration Architecture.
  • Explain Inbound Integration Architecture.
  • Generate an ASCII file and upload.
  • Map Gateway objects for the core and training modules.


  • Gather requirements for reports.
  • Develop reports.
  • Use the OBIEE tool and universe to write reports.
  • Describe key database object/entities for key tables of core and modules.


  • Gather requirements for interfaces.
  • Develop Interfaces.

Support Process

  • Use Implementation Support (i-assist portal).
  • Use Global Support (i-support portal).

End of Day (EOD)

  • Explain the stages in Oracle FLEXCUBE End of Day operation.
  • Perform End of Day Monitoring in Oracle FLEXCUBE.
  • Set-up the Mandatory Program for the Branch in Oracle FLEXCUBE.
  • Set-up 24*7 support for Interfaces using Tanking and UnTanking.
  • Set-up Mandatory Reports for the Branch in FLEXCUBE.

Process Workflow (BPEL)

  • Set-up the Process Workflow in Oracle FLEXCUBE.
  • Develop the Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) Integration with Oracle FLEXCUBE.

Enterprize Limit and Collateral Management (ELCM)

  • Set-up the Enterprize Limit and Collateral Management (ELCM) Application.
  • Develop the ELCM Application integration with Oracle FLEXCUBE.

Switch Gateway (ATM and POS)

  • Set-up the Switch Gateway.
  • Develop the Switch Gateway Interface with Oracle FLEXCUBE to support ATM and POS Interfaces.
  • Describe different transaction supports in the Gateway Switch.
  • Set-up the ATM / POS Simulator with Switch Gateway.

Electronic Messaging System (EMS)

  • Set-up the Electronic Messaging System Application.
  • Develop the integration of the Electronic Messaging System Application with Swift Alliance Gateway, Mail Server and Mobile SMS Notification.
  • Use message delivery type options in EMS.
  • Explain the Possible Duplicate Emission (PDE) check in SWIFT Messages.

Performance Tuning

  • Describe the Tools and Techniques for Performance Tuning (Trace/TkProf/AWR/Explain Plan).
  • Set-up the Data Purging in Oracle FLEXCUBE.


Oracle Certification Program Fraudulent Activity Policy

Oracle reserves the right to take action against any candidate involved in fraudulent activities, including, but not limited to, fraudulent use of vouchers, promotional codes, reselling exam discounts and vouchers, cheating on an exam, alteration of score reports, alteration of completion certificates, violation of exam retake policies or other activities deemed fraudulent by Oracle.

If Oracle determines, in its sole discretion, that fraudulent activity has taken place, it reserves the right to take action up to and including, but not limited to, decertification of a candidate's Oracle Certified Associate, Oracle Certified Professional and/or OCM credentials, temporary, indefinite or permanent ban of a candidate from Oracle certification programs, notification to a candidate's employer, and notification to law enforcement agencies. Candidates found committing fraudulent activities forfeit all fees previously paid to Oracle, or to Oracle's authorized vendors, and may be required to pay additional fees for services rendered.

View the Oracle Certification Program Candidate Agreement which requires your agreement before the start of each exam.

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