Embed Oracle in Your Solution

Embed Oracle in Your Solution

Oracle offers a full range of embeddable technology for independent software vendors, device and equipment manufacturers. By embedding Oracle technology into your software application or hardware device, your customer gains an enterprise-scale database or middleware that is easy to install, manage, and use. Oracle's embedded software runs behind the scenes and is invisible to end users. In addition to Oracle Database, partners can embed many other Oracle products. These components have a small footprint, making installation fast and easy.

Benefits of Embedding Oracle
Oracle offers a comprehensive portfolio of products that you can embed into your applications or devices to meet your customers' demands for low cost, zero administration software infrastructure. Embed Oracle and you can:

  • Deliver added value by offering a complete, turnkey solution to your customers.
  • Simplify application deployment and configuration with automatic install of Oracle.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership for your customers by embedding Oracle technology that does not require administration, separate licensing or separate hardware.
  • Deliver superior support to your customer by becoming your customer's single point of contact.

Get to market faster by building on proven Oracle technology and gain a competitive edge by focusing on value-added services.

Learn More

Embeddable Oracle Products. Learn more about the Oracle products you can embed today.

Leading Edge Solutions Powered by Oracle — See how other Oracle partners are benefiting from embedding Oracle.

  • Jive Software embeds Coherence (PDF)
  • ConGES Consulting Embeds Security, Scalability, and Performance into Real-Time Collaboration for Utilities
  • eServGlobal Boosts Growth Potential and Cuts Development Costs with Embedded Database
  • Aspect Software Improves Contact Center Visibility and Customers' Ability to Manage Performance (PDF)
  • Onewave Technologies Embeds Databases to Improve Performance of IPTV Solutions (PDF)
  • Bio-Key Embeds Oracle Database for More Product Value
  • Sylantro Systems Depends on Oracle TimesTen for Reliability and Performance

Licensing and Pricing — Get more information on the types of distribution agreements you can sign — Full Use, Application Specific Full Use (ASFU), or Embedded Software License (ESL). The type of agreement you sign will depend on how the end user will use the programs.

Oracle Embedded Technology on Oracle.com

Embedded Developer Center on OTN

Contact the appropriate Regional OPN Partner Business Center representative for further information and to execute a distribution agreement.


Embeddable Oracle Products

Oracle offers an entire portfolio of technologies that can be embedded into applications and appliances. To learn more about each product and to download the software, click on the OTN link at the bottom of each section. Go to the Database Product Focus page or the Oracle Fusion Middleware Product Focus on the Engage with Oracle page for additional partner-specific tools and information such as sales kits and training. View the most current Oracle Embedded Product and Royalty Matrix on the Agreements & Policies section of the Membership tab under Distribution Agreement References.


Oracle Database Products

Oracle Database

  • Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, including the following options:
    • Real Application Clusters
    • Partitioning
    • OLAP
    • Data Mining
    • Spatial
    • Advanced Security
    • Label Security
    • Database Vault
    • In-Memory Database Cache
    • Advanced Compression
    • Active Data Guard
    • Total Recall
    • Real Application Testing

Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database

  • OTN Link to TimesTen In-Memory Database

Oracle Berkeley DB

  • Oracle Berkeley DB
  • Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition
  • Oracle Berkeley DB XML
  • OTN Link to Oracle Berkeley DB Family

Oracle Database Lite 10g


Oracle Fusion Middleware

Application Server Products

  • Oracle WebLogic Server Standard Edition
  • Oracle WebLogic Server Enterprise Edition
  • Oracle WebLogic Suite
  • Oracle WebLogic Application Grid
  • Oracle Application Server Enterprise Edition
  • Oracle Application Server Standard Edition
  • Oracle Application Server Standard Edition One
  • Oracle Application Server Java Edition
  • OTN Link to Oracle WebLogic Server
  • OTN Link to Oracle Application Server

Other Oracle Fusion Middleware Products

  • Oracle Portal (OTN Link)
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition (OTN Link)
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher (OTN Link)
  • Oracle Integration and Enterprise Service Bus
  • Oracle BPEL Process Manager (OTN Link)
  • Oracle Web Services Manager (OTN Link)
  • Oracle Directory Services (OTN Link)
  • Oracle Universal Records Management Adapter
  • Oracle Coherence Standard Edition
  • Oracle Coherence Enterprise Edition
  • Oracle Coherence Grid Edition
  • OTN Link to Oracle Coherence
  • OTN Link to Oracle Fusion Middleware
  • OTN Link to Oracle Identity Management


Oracle Enterprise Manager

Oracle Database Enterprise Management Products

  • Diagnostics Pack
  • Tuning Pack
  • Change Management Pack
  • Configuration Management Pack
  • OTN Link to Database Management

Oracle Application Server Enterprise Management Products

  • Diagnostics Pack for Oracle Middleware
  • Configuration Management Pack for Oracle Middleware
  • OTN Link to Middleware Management


Other Products

  • Oracle Secure Enterprise Search (OTN Link)
  • Oracle Outside In Technology (OTN Link)
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