Oracle Database 11g 1-Click Technology Sales GLP

Oracle Database 11g 1-Click Technology Sales Guided Learning Path

Following is a set of courses that will prepare you to sell Oracle Database 11g to your customers and prospects. Silver partners with Oracle Full Use Distribution Agreements and Remarketers that have distribution agreements with Oracle Remarketer Authorized VADs are entitled to sell Oracle Database Personal Edition, Oracle Database Standard Edition One and Oracle Database Standard Edition. These editions are built on the same code base as the Enterprise Edition. The difference is that there are a few limits on the number of CPUs allowed, plus there is no opportunity to sell additional options available with the Enterprise Edition. This Guided Learning Path outlines all of the editions so that you can be aware of the full breadth of the capability of the Oracle 11g Database product.


Course Title Description / Objectives Length
Introduction to the Oracle Database Guided Learning Path for Silver Partners and Remarketers (SWF) Hear about what you can sell as a Remarketer or Silver partner. 3 min
Oracle Database - Market Definition & Trends (SWF) Learn about relational databases, Oracle's position in the market, and the market trends. 5 min
Oracle Database - What do we sell? (SWF) Oracle Database Editions - key features, target audience. 15 min
Oracle Database - Who do we sell to? (SWF) Learn about the customer profile and values. 15 min
Oracle Database - Positioning Points (SWF) Join us to find out more about the Oracle Database key positioning points. 15 min
Oracle Database - Objection handling (SWF) Is your customer saying that Oracle Database is too expensive? See more potential objections and how to address them. 15 min
Oracle Database - Pricing and Packaging (SWF) Get the details on the packaging and pricing of the Oracle Database. 13 min
Oracle Database - Product History and Roadmap (SWF) Review the product history of the Oracle Database.  See where Oracle Database fits in the overall schema of the information technologies, where we are today and where we're heading over the next few years! 4 min
Oracle Database - Product Features and Functions (SWF) Data Integrity, Availability, Performance, Scalability, Security, Management - find out more about Oracle solutions! 15 min
Oracle Database - Competitive advantages (SWF) This module covers the competitive advantages of the Oracle Database. You will see that Oracle has significant competitive advantages in virtually every important area of database capability: data integrity, performance, scalability, availability and security. 15 min
Oracle Database Demo - Data integrity (SWF) In this module you are going to see a demonstration of the unique way that Oracle protects data integrity of the data in the database, while in the same time improving performance of the database. 10 min
Oracle Database Demo – RAC (SWF) In this module we'll look at a demonstration of Oracle Real Application Clusters, one of the truly revolutionary features of the Oracle Database. 7 min
Oracle Database - Requirements elicitation (SWF) This module covers some questions you can ask to help determine the requirements of the solution your prospector customer is looking for. 6 min
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