Oracle EMEA Hardware Partner Community

Oracle EMEA Partner Community for Hardware

Oracle HardwareThe EMEA Partner Community for Hardware is the place where partners in Europe, Middle East and Africa can share experiences and best practices about selling and implementing Servers, Storage and Solaris based projects. You will also receive first-hand information from Oracle on products, training and tools that can help you better market, sell and implement your projects and services based on Oracle Hardware.

Giuseppe Facchetti, Director, Oracle EMEA Servers Partner Business Initiative and Partner Programs
Chris Visser, Director Storage Partner Programs Oracle EMEA



Who should join the Community and what are the benefits?

Community membership is for individuals. If you are working for a company that is an Oracle partner and your job is selling, implementing or supporting Oracle Servers, Storage and Solaris projects in EMEA then this community is for you.


  • Together, we learn how our solutions/products need to be developed and positioned in order to better meet the customer market & satisfaction, increase our respective expertise and revenue and so enable us to become "Trusted Advisors" for our customers.
  • By joining this community you are able to access information that is not available on our external website and you will be able to exchange feedback, questions and ideas with other community members.

How is this different from the Oracle Servers and Storage Systems Knowledge Zones?

  • The Oracle Server and Storage Systems Knowledge Zones - just like every other Knowledge Zones - is a central solution-focused page designed to jump start your path towards Specialization while guiding you to detailed information on how to develop, sell, and implement Oracle solutions. Dive into the Oracle Server and Storage Systems Knowledge Zones today and discover the potential opportunity for your business.
  • The Hardware EMEA Partner Community complements the Knowledge Zones by providing partners with information which is specific for the EMEA market (market, references, training, events,..) and it is also a mechanism to share experiences and best practices among partners in marketing, selling, implementing and supporting Hardware projects.

How do you get access to the information for the community members?

We use two mechanisms to provide and share information:

  • The EMEA Hardware Partner Community blog. This is a public blog and we use it to provide quick and easy communication to the community members. For detailed or restricted material we will point you to a members-only workspace.
  • The EMEA Hardware Partner Community Collaborative Workspace. This is an area with restricted access that only community members can access. It contains materials from community events, sales kits, implementation experiences,... reserved to community members. It also allows for partners to share content and collaborate with other community members. You will get access to this restricted area when you register as a member of the EMEA Hardware Partner Community.

How to join?

For you to be able to register as an individual, your company must be member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) and should be working towards becoming OPN Specialized in any of the Servers or Storage products. If this is the case then join the EMEA Hardware Partner Community Now!

If your company is not an OPN member yet, then join Oracle PartnerNetwork first.

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