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  • Dear Partner,

    We are pleased to invite you to join the Innovations in Applications webcast series. This program will present Oracle Product's new functions and features including sales positioning. The key objectives of these webcasts are to inspire Partner's personnel to conduct successful sales, after sales and delivery at their Customer. Moreover, we aim to inspire you to conduct further Product Training and Certifications. And finally we'll provide you a chance to join Ecosystem's Product specific Community to learn and to contribute.

    This program will be presented as per the schedule below after the billable day (4:00 to 5:00 PM CET). The webcast is intended for Partner's Implementation Certified Specialists but Innovations in Applications is open for other Partner's personnel as well. At first, the Oracle representative will discuss Oracle's contribution to partners. Then you will see product breakout session followed by Q&A with Oracle Experts. Each session will last for maximum 1 hour. A Q&A document covering all questions and answers will be made available after the webcast.

    What are the Benefits for partners?

    • Find out how Innovations in Applications helps you to improve your sales, after sales and delivery.
    • Discover new functions and features so you can enrich your Customer's solution.
    • Learn more about Oracle products, especially sales positioning.
    • Hear crucial questions raised by colleague alike, learn from their interest.
    • Engage and present your questions to subject experts.
    • Be inspired of the richness of Oracle's product portfolio – for you and your customer's benefit.
    • Be inspired to seek further Product Training and Certifications - Make your competence known and recognized! Brand yourself!

    Note: Should you already be familiar with a specific Product, then choose another one. By doing so you would expand your knowledge of the overall product portfolio. Some presentations contain product demonstration, although these presentations are not intended to be extremely detailed technical presentations.

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    2. You might want to bookmark the Enablement blog page Oracle Partner Enablement. Please check this regularly as we publish lots of good content here just for you.
    3. You might want to bookmark the Knowledge Zones page for solution-focused pages designed to jump start your path towards Specialization.
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    Delivery Format

    This program is a series of FREE prerecorded Oracle product presentations followed by Q&A. It will be delivered over the Web. Participants have the opportunity to submit questions during the web cast via chat and subject matter experts will provide verbal answers live.

    This program consists of several parallel prerecorded product breakout sessions, each lasting for max. 1 hour. At first, Oracle representative will discuss Oracle's contribution to Partners. Then you'll see the product breakout sessions followed by Q&A with Oracle Experts. A Q&A document covering all questions and answers will be made available after the webcast.

    You can also see the webcasts afterwards as its content will be available online for the next 6-12 months.

    The next Innovations in Applications webcast will be presented on September 2nd, at 4-5 PM CET.

    Note: Depending on local network bandwidth please allow some seconds time the presentations to download. You might want to refresh your screen by pressing F5.


    Maximum 1 hour.

    For further information please contact Markku Rouhiainen.

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    Customer Experience Oracle sales Cloud R8 - Oracle Sales Cloud is an easy-to-use Sales Force Automation that helps companies Do More, Sell More and Grow More. In this session we will present the new and exciting features of release 8 including the integration with Oracle CPQ. Bianca Lopez, Pre-Sales Consultant , Oracle Sales Cloud Please click here June 2nd 2014
      Generate more Leads with Oracle Social Marketing - With the integrated Oracle Marketing and Oracle Social Cloud, Oracle offers an unparalleled ability to build robust multi channel marketing campaigns and track campaigns through both traditional channels and social channels. The integration between Oracle Eloqua and Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM) enables marketers to provide advanced marketing automation and extend it to the Social Web. Publish your Marketing Content to social media and enhance the Universal Customer Profile with engagement data from social channels. See how easy it is to create lead capture tools such as landing pages and promote quick and easily socially as well as extend their visibility by hosting landing pages directly on Facebook. Markus Joldzic, Sales Consultant for Marketing & Social Please click here June 2nd 2014
      Oracle Eloqua changes the way organizations communicate and listen to their buyers. One of the most recent and strategic Oracle acquisitions, Eloqua, the World's leader in Marketing Automation and Revenue Performance, transforms customers approach to the traditional sales & marketing concepts. In this breakout session, we will review the overall Eloqua's unique value proposition and will present how it suits the customer's existing CRM architecture to help them accelerating their Customer Experience business transformation project. Nick Dennis, Principal Sales Consultant, Oracle Eloqua Sales Consulting Please click here January 20th 2014
      Oracle Commerce – Selling Experiences that Drive Revenue and Loyalty. Oracle Commerce drives selling experiences on for world's biggest and best brands. The solution enables businesses selling online to deliver a consistent, relevant, and personalized cross-channel buying experience for buyers. Katrina Gosek, Director, Oracle Commerce Product Strategy Please click here January 20th 2014
      Build innovative solutions using Word/Excel without the need for programming. Find out how Oracle's uniquely differentiated Policy Automation (On-Premise, Cloud, Mobile or BPS) solution can help Partners to differentiate themselves to win more projects and drive stronger revenue streams across any industry or product pillar. Peter Jeavons, WE Specialist Sales Leader, OPA Please click here January 20th 2014
      Oracle Sales Cloud (Fusion CRM) new Extensibility Platform and User Interface. Together with its Release 7 , Oracle Sales Cloud (Fusion CRM) offers a new Extensibility Platform that is gives unprecedented capabilities for System Integrators to adapt or extend the CRM solution to the unique requirements of the business. Besides, the new FUSE User Interface option offers a very simple browser based access to the CRM application which is highly convenient for sales or casual users. embedded actionable analytics. During this session, we will introduce you the new Oracle Sales Cloud Extensibility Platform as well as the new FUSE User Interface. Edward Dewolf, Principal Sales Consultant, Oracle CRM Sales Consulting Please click here October 7th 2013
      Siebel 2013 Spring Release and Roadmap. The undisputed CRM pioneer and market leader, Siebel offers the most comprehensive Customer Experience solution for integrated Marketing, Sales and Service, as well as the richest industry out-of-the-box CRM capabilities. In this breakout session, we will briefly review the 2012-IP release highlights (especially the Siebel Open UI and Mobile), then discuss the 2013 Spring release goals and content, before giving an overview of the Siebel development roadmap, focusing on the Fall 2013 release. Uma Welingkar, Senior Director, Oracle Siebel Product Development Please click here July 1st 2013
      What's New in the Oracle ATG Web Commerce 10.2 Release. Oracle ATG Web Commerce is the industry's top-ranked commerce solution that powers the world's best brands and drives consistent, personalized cross-channel customer experiences. Oracle ATG Web Commerce offers a complete commerce software platform that enables you to deliver a personalized customer buying experience across all customer touch points, including the web, contact center, mobile devices, social media, and physical stores. In this breakout session, we will review the Oracle ATG Web Commerce 10.2 release features and functionality. Kristen J. Flanagan, Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle Commerce Please click here July 1st 2013
    Enterprise Resource Planning Oracle Financials Cloud - In this event we examine some of the everyday pain points a finance department encounters and how Oracle Financials Cloud addresses them through innovative use of modern technology. Liam Nolan, Senior Director Product Management Please click here June 2nd 2014
      Procurement Cloud Services - Discover how Oracle Procurement Cloud services are providing customers with the capability to quickly deploy our procurement solutions to support their procurement initiatives and demonstrate value to their organizations. Marco Rossi, EMEA Director Supply Chain Mgmt Product Development Please click here June 2nd 2014
      Contract Commitment and Commitment Budgetary Control. Leverage Budgetary Control for your Public Sector opportunities. Find out how the Commitment Model enables public sector organizations to be compliant with new regulatory requirements for budgeting process and to manage their business using dual budgeting. Andreea Panduru, Oracle E-Business Suite Implementation Consultant Please click here January 20th 2014
      Fusion ERP – What is in today. Fusion ERP is a product that Oracle invested heavily in, and for good reason! It is the next generation of ERP that is in line with changes in technology. Nucleus Research has placed it in the Leader Category for ERP. This innovative cloud offering has a modular approach, that makes it an active contender for our customers, designed to work as a complete financial solution. Oracle's ERP Cloud offering help our customers improve performance, lower IT costs, and get better results that matches business needs. Oracle Fusion Financials is comprehensive and integrated that provides highly automated financial processing, effective management control, and real-time visibility to financial results. It provides everything organizations need to make better decisions, meet financial compliance and improve their bottom line. Glenda O'Keefe, Lead Senior ERP SC, Oracle Direct Ireland Please click here January 20th 2014
      JD Edwards EnterpriseOne – A mobile ERP for your future needs. Oracles JD Edwards EnterpriseOne product line just continues to grow. Along with growth comes an increasingly broad set of solutions specifically tailored for mobility. The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile offerings range from broad support of tablet based applications all the way down to specific task based Smartphone apps. This session will explore these mobile solutions and help you discover insight into future product plans for JD Edwards and mobility. Chris Walsh, Product Strategy Director, Oracle Please click here January 20th 2014
      Demantra Trade Promotion Management. At 15-25% of gross sales, Trade Promotion is second only to Cost of Goods Sold as a business expense. Yet fewer than 30% of trade promotion programs are profitable. This webcast will look at how Demantra can be used to optimize trade spending and secure a vital business advantage over competitors. Andrew Tumath, EMEA Associate Pre-Sales Consultant Please click here October 7th 2013
      New UI enhancements and Native I-Pad support for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. The latest JD Edwards Tools releases have brought numerous new functionalities to the application suite. In this session I will review some of these new functionalities specifically related to JDE Navigation, E1 pages, Composite Application Framework, and optimizing user interaction with the new i-Pad application amongst others. Carmen Fernández, JD Edwards Solution Consultant for Spain & Portugal Please click here October 7th 2013
      Embedded “BI Reporting” in EnterpriseOne (OneView Reporting) Operational Reporting in JD Edwards has always been a challenge! Come and understand how One View Reporting is turning this issue in a differentiator! How end users can easily consume and create reports bringing them the information they need, in the format they want when they are asking for it. Didier Faure, EMEA JD Edwards Presales Leader Please click here July 1st 2013
      Fusion Sourcing and Procurement Contracts. Find out how negotiation best practices drive strategic savings initiatives and achieve bottom-line results. Also learn how Fusion Contract Management can help you to gain complete visibility into agreements, shorten cycle-times and manage compliance. Denis Panjuta, ERP Presales Consultant Please click here July 1st 2013
      Health & Safety Incident Management in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. Introducing the brand new Health and Safety Incident Management and One View Reporting for Health and Safety Incident Management modules! These new modules provide the capability to track and manage all types of incidents and near-misses, as well as analyze critical safety metrics and provide regulatory reporting. Come see how any employee can record the initial details of an incident, the system can then automatically notify interested parties, you can manage investigation and follow-up tasks, track incident costs and action items and record inspections and potential incidents, such as near misses, and of course report to OSHA and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Bart Vanden Abeele, Master Principal Sales Consultant, JD Edwards Western Europe Please click here July 1st 2013
    Human Capital Management Fusion HCM Succession Planning - Fusion HCM Succession Planning gives organizations the chance to identify and develop internal people with the potential to fill key business leadership positions in the company. "From now on, choosing my successor is the most important decision I'll make. It occupies a considerable amount of thought almost every day." Jack Welch. Organizations need to face now the questions of the next generation of leaders to not face the burden of a badly educated and chosen staff in the future. Mats Nemelka, HCM Pre-Sales Consultant Please click here June 2nd 2014
      Oracle HCM Cloud services Digital innovation. In this breakout session, Anand Subbaraman and Fabrice De Carne Carnavalet will present the latest Social, Mobile and Business intelligence innovation in Oracle HCM Cloud services and explain How this is transforming HR capabilities and taking the employee experience to the next level. Fabrice de Carné, Oracle Taleo Product Strategy Director, EMEA

    Anand Subbaraman
    , Senior Director HCM Strategy
      January 20th 2014
      Learn about Taleo Learn. Understand how Taleo Learn can deliver you complete flexibility on training delivery - whether formal, online, social, or blended, and how Taleo learn allows you to leverage an industry-leading SaaS solution that can adapt to your evolving training and development requirements. Wybe Lefering, HCM Presales Consultant Please click here July 1st 2013
    SaaS Capabilities and Experiences Overview of SaaS Capabilities and Experiences - SaaS is resulting in a large transformation for all types of Organizations. This presentation will provide an overview of consulting organization's answers to the different challenges brought up by SaaS and some of its project implementation experiences. Enrique Martínez Dunn, EMEA SaaS Transformational Leader, Oracle Consulting Please click here June 2nd 2014
    Business Analytics Drive Innovation with E-Business Suite Extensions for Oracle Endeca. This is an exciting new way any employee from the shop-floor manager, to marketing, HR and accounting search for all sorts of job specific information to instantly find answers for ad hoc questions that are otherwise hard. This facility has been pre-packaged into more than a dozen work areas to help in many ways such as tracking and manage customer products to improve after-sales service, assisting in reconciliation of accounting for all supply chain sub-ledgers, or improving manufacturing works order productivity. Join this webinar to see how you can use these eye-catching modules to drive innovation within your client's E-Business suite implementation. Mike Hallett, EMEA A&C Director for Business Analytics Please click here January 20th 2014
      Business Analytics links "Fusion Applications" and "Applications Unlimited". How can you help your application customer clients to make the first steps towards FUSION Applications with the added value of Analytics now for their existing Oracle Application (e.g. eBusiness suite, Peoplesoft, Siebel, JDE)? This session will help Partners to understand how Business Analytics has been embedded into FUSION applications, and the role of BI-Applications as a "migration strategy bridge" to help clients get value today on existing applications as well as linking this Analytics with new Fusion modules. Mike Hallett, EMEA A&C Director for Business Analytics Please click here October 7th 2013
      Agile in-memory Information Discovery with Oracle Endeca. Many Customers are struggling to make sense of multiple information sources and a variety of formats that go beyond the classical "data warehouse". See how Endeca can quickly mash-up various information sources combining data and text; presenting a business-friendly view that reveals the valuable linkages and analytics. Grant Schofield, Endeca Information Discovery Sales Specialist Please click here September 16th 2013
      BigData Making a difference. Business opportunities through the management of really large amounts of different types of data. Oracle BigData solution implies a set of cutting edge technologies that go from the BigData Appliance -new member of the Engineered Systems family including the Hadoop cloud era distribution- to Endeca, a next generation of Business Intelligence tool that allows customers to find new insights from unstructured content in social media, websites, content management systems, raw text from documents, email, and more, and combine this analysis with more traditional structured. Cesar Armengol, EMEA A&C Partner Program Manager Please click here September 16th 2013
      Winning with Oracle Business Analytics. This is an introduction to how Partners can win service projects with Oracle's Business Analytics technology. We will look at what Customers are looking for today, and see how Oracle BI Foundation meets this need for fast enterprise-wide business analytics. Mike Hallett, EMEA A&C Director for Business Analytics Please click here September 16th 2013
      Analytics to Drive Customer Experience Success. Business Analytics for Marketing, Sales and Service organizations to help them really Know their Customer and so enable decisions and processes to improve and sustain the best Customer Experience. Mike Hallett, EMEA A&C Director for Business Analytics Please click here July 1st 2013
    Enterprise Performance Management Synchronize Chart of Accounts and other Hierarchies with Hyperion Data Relationship Management Businesses frequently make changes to their many key dimensions along which they manage the enterprise: charts of accounts, departmental and sales hierarchies, product reporting hierarchies, HR organization structures. Oracle DRM, helps Business Users to proactively unify cross-functional changes in these master dimensions across operational (ERP), analytical (BI) and enterprise performance management (EPM) systems. This minimizes errors and smoothly synchronizes IT systems, saving time and resources by streamlining otherwise manual, error-prone and uncoordinated change events. Gilles Demarquet, Director, Global Market Development, Business Analytics product Group Please click here January 20th 2014
      Oracle Hyperion Tax Provision. Partners will learn how Oracle Hyperion Tax Provision is a high value upsell to existing Hyperion HFM & Financial Disclosure clients, and provides a great way to boost their services for HFM upgrades and migrations. This also expands our full suite of EPM offerings to add onto any existing Oracle Applications customer. Olivier Bernard, Director EPM EMEA Please click here October 7th 2013
      Drive Predictable Performance with Oracle's Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service. Get the latest news about Oracle strategy for Enterprise Performance Management in the Cloud and understand how Oracle Partners can leverage this new SaaS-based Planning & Budgeting solution to grow their business and extend their footprint with existing customers or reach new ones that have not yet invested in a Planning & Forecasting solution. Olivier BERNARD, EMEA Solution Director EPM Please click here July 1st 2013
    Optimized Solutions Reduce time to market, and accelerate your business, with Oracle Optimized Solutions and SPARC T-Series Servers. Oracle Optimized Solutions are fully documented, pretested, and tuned architectures that take the guesswork out of deploying enterprise software infrastructures. Based on uniquely matched components that include Sun servers and storage, Oracle Solaris, Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Applications, Oracle's portfolio of proven enterprise solutions can help partners reduce time to market, reduce integration risks, improve productivity, and therefore maximize margins and customer satisfaction.
    Oracle's portfolio of SPARC T-Series servers redefines the economics of enterprise computing by delivering extreme performance for the most demanding workloads. From entry level to high-end systems, Oracle T-Series servers are the best platforms for Oracle Database, middleware and critical business applications.
    All of this at extremely attractive prices, that allow you, our partners, to free up your customers' budget to sell more of your value added (and lucrative) services!
    Martin de Jong, T-Series Product Leader, Oracle EMEA. Giuseppe Facchetti, Servers Partner Programs, Oracle EMEA A&C Please click here September 16th 2013
    Engineered Systems Engineered Systems for Applications - a new transformational opportunity for Partners. The market is undergoing a shift to more integrated systems and ecosystems and away from loosely coupled heterogeneous approaches. Understand the value proposition this brings to you to identify sales opportunities and position appropriately. Gerd Plewka, Director Partner Presales Hardware EMEA Please click here September 16th 2013
    Storage Systems The new ZS3 storage platform - Oracle's next generation NAS and unified storage systems. Oracle will announce notable enhancements to its NAS solution offering including new systems, configuration options and software features, significantly enhancing the integration between the ZS3 platform and the Oracle Database. The objective of this webcast is to:
    • Provide our partner with information on the new ZFSSA product range (ZS3)
    • Outline the new product features and proof points
    • Explain the sales opportunity & 6 specific use cases where we have an 80% win rate!
    Sasan Moaveni, Director Storage Partner Programs EMEA Vincenzo Matteo – Director Disk Storage Products EMEA Please click here September 16th 2013

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    Are you starting to hear your customers request mobile solutions for employees and end consumers alike? How do your solutions focus on this fast growing market? How can your Oracle based integration, client development and customer experience skills be used to address these mobile requirements? The webcast on Oracle mobility strategy & solutions for partners will help to address and plan for an increasingly diverse 'Bring Your Own Device' culture growing in many enterprises and will cover Oracle's Mobile Platform and how it affects your Oracle technology-based applications.
    • Oracle Mobility Strategy
      Regis Louis, Vice President Product Management, Fusion Middleware EMEA
    • Introducing Oracle Mobile Suite
      James Austin, Director Product Management, Fusion Middleware EMEA
    • Introducing Oracle Mobile Security Suite
      John Waghorne, Principal Product Manager, Fusion Middleware EMEA
    • Why is this important for Oracle Partners?
      Martin Cookson, Business Development Manager, Director for Mobility EMEA
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    Oracle Big Data ist eines der meistdiskutierten Themen in der IT-Branche. Mit der Oracle NoSQL DB, dem Oracle Loader for Hadoop, der Oracle Big Data Appliance und anderen hat auch Oracle eine Vielzahl Produkte im Kontext von Big Data im Angebot. In diesem Training können technisch orientierte Mitarbeiter eine erste Erfahrung mit der Big Data Produktwelt machen.
    • Gavin Dupre,
      Director Oracle Big Data
    Please click here
    Why BigData References and BigData Product Elements Introduction – WebSeminar English language.
    • Gavin Dupre,
      Big Data Business Development Manager, Oracle
    Please click here
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