Boot Camp: Oracle Retail Introduction to RPAS Fusion Client

Oracle Retail Introduction to Retail Predictive Application Server (RPAS) Fusion Client Boot Camp


The Retail Application Boot Camps are designed to enable you with the product knowledge and training required for continued success with our clients. We bring together solution experts to lead Boot Camps and Application Business Workshops where they can share their global expertise and experience.

What will we cover

This boot camp is designed to provide an introduction and in-depth review of the RPAS Fusion Client, new Web-based capabilities, workflow configuration and migration of RPAS “Classic” configuration to Fusion Client with design best practice considerations. Previously challenged with sometimes complex workflow and business work environment in the RPAS Classic Client, the Fusion Client addresses the concerns of clients and prospects while improving the workflow, usability and user adoption for RPAS solutions.

This class will include details on the new features of the Fusion Client as well as how the Fusion Client will impact existing and new clients. Hands-on exercises will allow students of this class become familiar with the robustness of the Fusion UI, walk through an upgrade scenario from the Classic Client to the Fusion Client, and design a new client’s workflow to fit within the Fusion Client. The Fusion Client technical requirements will be reviewed to provide the students information about the additional technical requirements that are introduced when using the Fusion Client.

Learn To

  • Understand the new RPAS Fusion Client capabilities and architecture
  • Understand the technical architecture to support the Fusion Client
  • Migration process for moving a client from RPAS Classic to the RPAS Fusion Client
  • Basic understanding of how business workflow may be put to work in the Fusion Client
  • Apply workflow concepts in the Fusion Client and design practices.


  • Business Analysts
  • Configuration Implementer
  • Functional Implementer
  • Project Manager
  • Technical Implementer
  • Sales Consultants
  • System Integrator

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Oracle provides access to the Enablement 2.0 Boot Camp Program exclusively to Oracle Partners. Fees may vary by boot camp and geographic region and partners should check the instance details for the boot camp(s) they are interested in attending.

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