Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Sales Boot Camp Boot Camp

Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Sales Boot Camp


This boot camp provides sales representatives and sales consultants with an overview of the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance features and benefits, customer value propositions, and sales strategies. The knowledge gained from this course can be used for both new account development, and targeting existing accounts for upgrades and consolidation projects.

The Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Sales Boot Camp takes a look at the market size, trends, and opportunities for solutions based on the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance. It will focus on the knowledge and skills needed to be fully equipped to explain the functionality and benefits provided by the features of Sun ZFS Storage Appliance, allowing Sales representatives and Sales Consultants to address specific business and technical challenges faced by their customers

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Learn To

  • Describe the key features, benefits and capabilities of Sun ZFS Storage Appliance and how they provide the hardware platform of choice for many key Oracle solutions
  • Qualify Sun ZFS Storage Appliance customer needs and requirements, and align them to the strengths of the product
  • Identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities for Sun ZFS Storage Appliance solutions
  • Position and overcome customer objections for the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance solutions


  • Sales
  • Sales Consultants

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