OPN Membership Types

Oracle PartnerNetwork Specialized offers 3 different types of membership providing your company more flexibility when enrolling in the program. The membership types are:

  1. Standard: Select this option if your company does not have a presence in other countries.
  2. Worldwide: Select this option if your company has subsidiaries in one or more countries and you want those subsidiaries to join the OPN program under your OPN Agreement. Your company headquarters location is required to select and sign a Worldwide OPN Agreement.
  3. Associate: Select this option if your company is a subsidiary of an existing partner with a Worldwide OPN Agreement. Selecting this option associates your membership to your parent company and will be subject to the terms and conditions of the Worldwide OPN agreement. To complete this option, you will need to provide the “Company ID” of the Worldwide Partner.

If you have any question please Contact your Oracle Partner Business Center.

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