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Oracle Remarketer

  • Jump-Start into an Oracle Resell Business Today with No Commitment

    As an Oracle Remarketer you have the ability to immediately close sales opportunities for select Oracle software. As a Remarketer you need no authorizations nor do you pay any fees which means that you can start selling right away - no waiting, and no barriers. You’ll have the benefit of reselling select Oracle products via regionally located Remarketer Authorized Value Added Distributors (VADs).

    As an Oracle Remarketer you may:

    • Resell the Oracle Database Appliance
    • Grow your business opportunities with the most affordable and expandable solutions in the market - Oracle 1-Click products - Now including specific Server and Storage Systems hardware products*
    • Increase profitability in your business transactions by using a streamlined channel-only ordering process
    • Access support via Oracle Remarketer Authorized VADs for training, support, and sales enablement

    * Learn about these Server and Storage Systems products that are now available for you to distribute through the Oracle 1-Click Technology for Midsize Companies Knowledge Zone

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    Get started with Oracle

    Oracle’s affordable and scalable 1-Click products can boost your business opportunities by providing unrivalled advantages to your customers. Learn more about:

    • Addressing small and medium size businesses' growing demand for technology via the OPN Knowledge Zones
    • Easily reselling and purchasing select Oracle software tailored for small and medium businesses
    • Closing deals faster through streamlined ordering process
  • Zero fees. Zero obstacles. Zero excuses. Start selling TODAY.

    Benefit from resources tailored to Remarketers offered through Remarketer Authorized Value Added Distributors and broaden your reach within the mid-size market by:

    Get ready to start doing business with scalable platforms and an engagement model that is designed for your growth. Learn more about the Oracle 1-Click Solutions by visiting the 1-Click Technology for Midsize Companies Knowledge Zone for tools created to assist you and get ready to boost your opportunities.

  • Get Ready for Your New Business Opportunities!

    Oracle Remarketers have the opportunity to open new markets without any upfront commitment. To begin reselling select Oracle software as a Remarketer please contact an Oracle Remarketer Authorized VAD in your region. Click here to view the complete list of Oracle Remarketer Authorized VADs.

  • Join OPN Now. Greater Benefits are Waiting for You!

    The marketplace is competitive and your business needs are evolving. Take the step from Remarketer and join the Oracle PartnerNetwork at Silver or higher : leverage direct Oracle engagement and enjoy benefits that will offer you opportunities to:

    • Maximize your utilization of OPN tools by leveraging our experts within the Partner Business Center; your first line business assistance in 24 languages across 190 countries
    • Improve your offerings by accessing development licenses for Oracle 1-Click Products
    • Leverage OPN Enablement 2.0 online training and onsite bootcamps to increase your knowledge and grow your competitive edge
    • Increase your exposure through access to the Oracle Solutions Catalog

    Learn more about the benefits of a Silver membership.


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