AutoVue Support for Product Manufacturing Information (PMI)

Beyond 3D viewing capabilities, AutoVue delivers extended support for Product Manufacturing Information (PMI), such as Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) and Functional Tolerance Annotation (FTA).

Manufacturing organizations can view and interact with important product design information during the manufacturing process. Suppliers, shop floor and manufacturing personnel, as well as quality and method engineering teams can instantly access, view, and review important product specifications, and ensure that products are being manufactured in compliance with design engineering’s intent.

By unlocking Product Manufacturing Information to the people that need it most, AutoVue helps manufacturers:

  • Improve collaboration throughout the supply chain
  • Ensure products are being manufactured in compliance with design engineering’s intent
  • Leverage 3D product information throughout the product lifecycle
  • Reduce time require to resolve design issues
  • Avoid design and fabrication errors caused by the misinterpretation of 2D data or paper documents
  • Reduce paper and document delivery costs

AutoVue provides support for the following PMI entities for Pro/Engineer, CATIA V5 and Unigraphics files:

CATIA V5Pro/EngineerUnigraphics
Datum Datum
Datum Target Datum Target
Geometric ToleranceGeometric ToleranceFeature Control Frame
Dimensions DimensionsDimensions
Coordinate Dimension Locator
RoughnessSurface FinishSurface Finish
Flag Note  
Note Object Attribute (NOA)Data SymbolsUser-Defined Symbols
Axis SystemCoordinate SystemCoordinate System
PlaneDatum PlaneDatum Plane
AxisDatum AxisDatum Axis
PointDatum PointDatum Point
Welding SymbolWelding SymbolWeld
Reference Geometries
Left Curve
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Right Curve
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