Virtual Machine for the Oracle Communications Service
Delivery Platform (SDP) Products

Most of the products in the Oracle Communications Service Delivery Platform require you to run
them on a 64-bit Linux system. This virtual machine provides a 64-bit Linux base system to use
when trying out and performing practices for many of the products in the Service Delivery Platform.
It has been tested with various versions of the following products:

  • Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper
  • Oracle Communications Converged Applications Server
  • Oracle Communications WebRTC Session Controller – the Signaling Engine
  • Oracle Communications Service Controller
  • Oracle Communications Online Mediation Controller

None of the above products are available in the virtual machine. You need to download them
separately from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud.

Some of the products above have courseware publicly available at Oracle Learning Library,
and their lab environments require this virtual machine to be used. See the collection of currently
available Service Delivery Platform courses on Oracle Learning Library.

Please note that this virtual machine is for testing purposes only. It is unsupported and should
not be used in production environments. This virtual machine contains:

  • Oracle Linux 6, 64-bit
  • Oracle Java JDK
  • Oracle Database XE
  • Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse

You must accept the OTN VM Agreement to download this software.
Accept License Agreement | Decline License Agreement

Please read the Download and Setup Instructions for SDP-VM.

You may download the virtual machine as one big file at about 4 Gb:

or in pieces, split up at about 700 Mb per piece:

If you download the split up file, you will need to re-assemble it, using one of the scripts below:

Assemble script for Windows

Assemble script for Linux, which also works for Mac OS and Solaris.


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