Oracle Open World 2012


Boeing Company - Clustering Everywhere

Boeing describes their PeopleSoft HRMS deployment and how they leverage the Oracle Script Agent to protect critical components in the PSFT stack. Not just for failure HA, Boeing also describes the resource management functionality for online resource relocation for planned maintenance and the advantages of application and database dependencies.

Oracle Open World 2011


Fidelity Investments - Integration of Non-Oracle Applications with Oracle Clusterware Best Practices

Fidelity Investments presents their migration from Veritas Clusterware to 11g Release 2 Oracle Clusterware. The presentation describes the motivation for the migration and the clustering support considerations. Fidelity illustrates their cluster configuration options, resource groupings and dependency best practices.
             See the Fidelity Investments Oracle Open World 2011 presentation

Rabobank - Using Oracle Clusterware to Protect Business Critical Applications in Extended Cluster

Rabobank describes their active/active extended cluster deployment between 2 data centers. This deployment model using Oracle Clusterware as the HA framework extended between these data centers provides the highest availability for their business critical applications such as OHS, WLS, OID, OVD, and BI components.
           See the Rabobank Oracle Open World 2011 presentation

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