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Oracle Database Mobile Server 11g

Oracle Database Mobile Server is the best way to securely connect embedded devices and mobile applications to Oracle Database. The core of the product is an advanced synchronization engine that is capable of keeping a large number of physically remote databases synchronized with a backend Oracle Database system. The sync engine is robust and resilient. It has been designed to function efficiently over a solid network, but still be reliable over an unstable network connection. If connectivity is lost, sync will stop, and pick up where it left off once connectivity returns. It is also secure; encryption is available for both data transport and storage on the remote client.

In addition, Oracle Database Mobile Server can manage applications, users, devices, and data on large deployments of mobile or remote devices. Also included is a suite of tools for packaging, publishing and testing applications. The three main components of Oracle Database Mobile Server are:

  • The server itself, which includes the sync engine and the Mobile Manager. These are middle-tier infrastructure, capable of running on Oracle WebLogic Server, Oracle Glassfish or Apache TomEE. They provide scalable, secure management of data, applications and devices.
  • The mobile client, which resides on mobile platform to facilitate sync and remote management. There are mobile clients available for many different platforms, including: Java, Android, iOS, Blackberry, both desktop and mobile Windows, and Linux.
  • Lastly, the Mobile Development Kit (MDK), are a suite of tools for packaging, publishing and testing applications.

Oracle Database Mobile Server is designed to work with Berkeley DB, Oracle’s high performance mobile data store, as a local client device data store. It is also compatible with SQLite, the very popular open source project.

It is well suited for mission critical applications or any application where high performance and reliability are required.

Key Features

  • Secure, efficient, resilient mobile data synchronization with Oracle Database
  • Remote application, user and device management
  • Standards-based encryption for remote data, in both storage and transit
  • Robust and reliable mobile data synchronization over unreliable networks
  • Highly scalable server configuration, supporting large and growing mobile or remote deployments

New Features in 11g

  • Support for iOS client
  • Integration with ADF Mobile
  • Integration with Phonegap
  • Integration with Appcelerator
  • Support for Java SE, including SE Embedded
  • Device Management for Android platforms
  • Automatic sync for Android and iOS platforms
  • Support for Oracle Glassfish
  • Support for Apache TomEE
  • Support for Java 1.6/1.7
  • Better integration with Oracle Berkeley DB, including encryption support

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