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Comprehensive data protection management with enterprise-class features and Oracle database integration

Data protection is arguably one of the most critical and daunting tasks facing IT organizations. Managing data protection of heterogeneous servers spread across data centers and remote offices requires a unified solution addressing the complexities of distributed environments consisting of both database and file system data. With a highly scalable client-server architecture, Oracle Secure Backup (OSB) delivers centralized tape backup management for the entire IT environment:

  • Oracle database integration with Recovery Manager (RMAN) supporting versions Oracle Database 10g to Oracle Database 12c
  • Optimized performance achieving 25-40% faster Oracle Database backups than comparable media management products with up to 10% less CPU utilization
  • Enhanced data throughput over Infiniband networks for maximum backup and restore performance in Exadata and Oracle Database Appliance environments
  • File system data protection: UNIX / Windows / Linux servers and Network Attached Storage (NAS)

While comparable products separately license advanced features, number and size of servers and database integration, Oracle Secure Backup does not! Oracle Secure Backup delivers comprehensive data protection management with enterprise-class features and Oracle database integration in one, low-cost solution priced at only $3500 per tape drive.

Why utilize Oracle Secure Backup?

  • Enterprise data protection for your entire IT environment - Protects heterogeneous file systems, NAS devices and built-in integration with the Oracle database.
  • Policy-driven media lifecycle management - Automates tape retention, duplication and vaulting (rotation of tapes between locations).
  • Backup encryption - Secures backup data whether tapes are onsite, offsite or lost.
  • Cost effective - Reduces licensing and associated ongoing maintenance costs by about 75% over comparable products.
  • MAA Validated for Exadata  - Simplifies Exadata data protection using an Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) Development team tested and validated tape backup solution.

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Oracle Secure Backup Technical Information 

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