Extend Oracle Sales Cloud with Oracle Platform as a Service - Sample Code

Unless explicitly identified as such, the sample code here is not certified or supported by Oracle; it is intended for educational or testing purposes only.

The below Samples Downloads are released under the Oracle BSD License.

.Net Client Library to invoke Oracle Sales Cloud web services – 1.0.1
The .Net Client library sample code illustrates how to develop a .net client using .Net handlers for commonly used Oracle Sales Cloud web services.
Rich UI with Data Visualization Components and JWT UserToken validation extending Oracle Sales Cloud– 1.0.1
The Simplified UI web application sample code illustrates how to validate JWT UserToken using the User Details Service and embed rich data visualization Gantt chart component into the Simplified UI web application.
Dynamic Web Service client using JAX-WS handlers for invoking Oracle Sales Cloud web services – 1.0.1
The Web Services client using JAX-WS handlers sample code illustrates how to use SOAP response logical JAX-WS handlers for the tenant custom field extensions in inbound and outbound message payloads.
Data Sync Connector to map and sync Oracle Sales Cloud objects and external cloud application objects using web services– 1.0.1
This data sync connector sample code illustrates how to
  • develop a user interface for a tenant administrator to map Oracle Sales Cloud objects/fields to external cloud application object attributes,
  • use the Scheduler in Database Cloud Service and
  • Perform data synchronization between Oracle Sales Cloud and an external cloud application using SOAP web services.
Mobile App using REST façade to invoke Oracle Sales Cloud web services– 1.0.1
The sample code illustrates how to build a REST interface for Oracle Sales Cloud SOAP web services that can be easily consumed in Mobile applications.
CTI Connector using Connector JavaScript API– 1.0.1
The sample Fusion CTI Toolbar Click-to-dial connector code illustrates how to use the Connector Javascript API. No transport protocol is implemented in this sample.
“Healthcare Provider” sample code extending Oracle Sales Cloud– 1.0.1
This comprehensive sample demonstrates most common design patterns used to extend Oracle Sales Cloud using Oracle Java Cloud Service and Oracle Database Cloud Service. It leverages the extensibility provided natively by Oracle Sales Cloud Composers (UI extensibility, Custom fields/objects, groovy scripts and custom subject area) and enhances it by building custom Java application using our PaaS platform. (JCS/DBCS). The sample showcases – building Custom UI, consuming Sales Cloud webservices, Custom object creation in DBCS, Dynamic binding, Data Synchronization, UI mashup and use of JWT UserToken.