Oracle Directory Services Samples

This section includes samples for Oracle Unified Directory, Oracle Internet Directory, Directory Integration Platform, Oracle Virtual Directory, and Oracle Directory Server EE. 

LDAP Performance Tools:
This package provides a collections of tools that will help evaluate performances of an LDAP directory server. Tools are available for Windows and Unix.
Download now (, 1.8M). Documentation (LDAP-PerfTools.pdf, 0.2M).

Oracle Unified Directory 11g Example Files
This ZIP package include plug-in examples to demonstrate the richness of OUD plug-in API. The FilterDistributor plugin can be used to route bind request to 2 different workflow elements based on a condition present on the user entry about to be used for authentication.The PasswordSchemeUpgrade plugin can be used to migrate passwords from one storage scheme to another.
Download Now:

Oracle Internet Directory Integration: DIPTESTER
The JAVA DIPTESTER Synchronization Tool (Version 4.6.4) is a stand-alone, platform-independent Java application that aids in the configuration, testing, and debugging of SUN/Netscape directory, Active Directory, eDirectory and OpenLDAP and Oracle DB synchronization environments. It uses dipassistant and oidprovtool commands for profile modifications.
Starting with DIP 11g R1 patchset 3 ( DIPTESTER features and functions are available through FMW control as part of DIP management.

Download Now (, 2.0 MB)

Oracle Internet Directory Integration with Active Directory: ldapbindssl.exe 
This Windows tool can be used to verifiy the SSL setup between OID and Microsoft Active Directory is working. This is a pre-requisite to successfully install the "Oracle Password Filter for Microsoft Active Directory" on a Domain Controller. The filter is needed to sync password changes from Active Directory to OID when you want to use your Active Directory user name and password to login to an Oracle database which is enable to be used with Oracle Enterprise User Security. More details regarding the password filter can be found in Deploying the Oracle Password Filter for Microsoft Active Directory
Download Now (ldapbindssl.exe, 42KB)

Oracle Internet Directory: Search Count Controls
This is a sample Java program demonstrating the usage of search count request control and search count response control. These controls can be used to find the number of entries that will be returned in an LDAP search query.
Download Now:

Oracle Internet Directory: Connect_By Control
This is a sample Java program demonstrating the usage of the connect_by  control that will cause an LDAP search query to traverse a directory tree.
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 Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition 11g Example Files
This ZIP package includes examples that used to be provided as part of previous ODSEE distribution and that are now provided independently.Those examples are the one used in conjunction with the LDAP C SDK to build LDAP client applications.This package also include plug-in examples to demonstrate the richness of ODSEE plug-in API. Finally this package include some fake data that can be loaded in a directory server to test you applications.

Download Now:

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