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 Site Studio for External Applications Samples 21-Jan-2011
A sample web site for Universal Content Management's SSXA (Site Studio for External Applications) that provides dozens of reusable components, and also serves as a "cookbook" of examples of how to use SSXA.
 Digital Asset Management - Samples 08-Jun-2010
Samples for using nConvert, Image Alchemy, Helios Image Server, Image Magick, and Adobe Photoshop for converting and processing images in UCM
 Running commands for UCM 11g in WLST 08-Jun-2010
Running WLST commands to update UCM 11g configuration settings
 New Users, Roles and Groups in UCM 11g 08-Jun-2010
User and security management updates in UCM 11g
 Content Profiles: How do I create new Check In and Search forms? 08-Jun-2010
Using Content Profiles to create new Check-in and Search forms
 Content Profiles: Advanced Usage - Restrict Content on Role 08-Jun-2010
Shows how to restrict access to check in and search forms based on a user's role
 Content Profiles: Advanced Usage - Resticting an Option List 08-Jun-2010
Shows how to restrict an option list on specific Profiles
 Content Profiles: Advanced Usage - Restricting Metadata Updates 08-Jun-2010
Shows how to restrict metadata update based on user privileges
 Site Studio 11g: New Features "Hands-On" Guide 08-Jun-2010
A step by step guide for using the new Site Studio 11g features
 UCM 11g: How to make a DCL 08-Jun-2010
A viewlet detailing building a Dependent Choice List in UCM 11g
 Creating a Project and Template in Site Studio 10gR4 02-Apr-2010
Details creating a new Project and Template
 Adding Content to a Placeholder in Site Studio 10gR4 Demo 02-Apr-2010
Details a properly constructed Placeholder
 Creating a Static List in Site Studio 10gR4 02-Apr-2010
Details creation of a Static List Element
 Creating a Dynamic List in Site Studio 10gR4 02-Apr-2010
Details creation of a Dynamic List Element
 Dynamic Conversion of a Native Document in Site Studio 10gR4 02-Apr-2010
Details Dynamic Conversion of a native document in Site Studio
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