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Oracle Grid Infrastructure 12c Release 1 (

DownloadLinux (1750478910 bytes) (cksum - 3177055641)
DownloadLinux (201673595 bytes) (cksum - 2753782116)  
DownloadSolaris Operating System (1393000812 bytes) (cksum - 851948645)
DownloadSolaris Operating System (47403793 bytes) (cksum - 3530862701)
DownloadSolaris Operating System (1644310704 bytes) (cksum - 714696592)
DownloadSolaris Operating System (215500683 bytes) (cksum - 2788259135)

Oracle Grid Infrastructure Standalone Agents
for Oracle Clusterware 11g Rel. 2 and 12c Rel. 1

Current version:
Supported platforms: AIX, Linux, Solaris
Supported applications:
Oracle GoldenGate, Siebel, Apache, Peoplesoft, MySQL, JD Edwards and WebLogic
Reference Guide:
Oracle Grid Infrastructure Agents Reference Guide

  • The standalone agents downloadable below cannot be applied to the Oracle Grid Infrastructure Bundled Agent home ($GRID_HOME/xag).
  • Upgrades of Oracle Grid Infrastructure Bundled Agents must be performed through the Oracle Grid Infrastructure patching and upgrade process.

DownloadOracle Grid Infrastructure Standalone Agents Download 

  • When installing the Oracle Grid Infrastructure Standalone Agents you must remove the older version of the agents. 
  • All pre-installed standalone agents (deployed in XAG_HOMEs) must be de-installed using the following commands: 
    • $cd $XAGv1_HOME
    • $./ --deinstall --force --all_nodes
  • Once you have de-installed the older version of the standalone agent, you can install the latest version and re-register the respective applications.

Previous Releases 

Oracle Grid Infrastructure 11g Release 2 (

DownloadLinux x86 (980,831,749 bytes) (cksum - 3583041487)
DownloadLinux x86-64 (1,052,897,657 bytes) (cksum - 3369676398) 
DownloadSolaris Operating System (SPARC) (64-bit) (1,179,516,027 bytes) (cksum - 3710830056)
DownloadSolaris Operating System (x86-64) (1,065,998,995 bytes) (cksum - 2022125792)
DownloadHP-UX Itanium (1,251,813,510 bytes) (cksum - 2600441692)
DownloadHP-UX PA-RISC (64-bit) (960,834,412 bytes) (cksum - 2026102988)
DownloadAIX (PPC64) (1,894,203,526 bytes) (cksum - 2942568621)
DownloadzLinux64 (756,155,780 bytes) (cksum - 426666400)