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Current Release - Oracle Solaris Studio 12.4

Provides perpetual no-cost license for production use and the development of commercial applications.

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sum: 10641ece76ba87a4b8d6d9835b71473b
Unpack download: bzcat download_directory/SolarisStudio12.4-solaris-sparc-pkg.tar.bz2 | /bin/tar -xf -
sum: 41083e06759a5fc5348d60083922a34a
Unpack download: bzcat download_directory/SolarisStudio12.4-solaris-x86-pkg.tar.bz2 | /bin/tar -xf -
Oracle Linux/ Red Hat Linux
sum: 0ee2ed234747a226188f952a77821ea3
Unpack download: bzcat download_directory/SolarisStudio12.4-linux-x86-rpm.tar.bz2 | /bin/tar -xf -


  System Requirements
  Required System Packages
  Installation Guide
  Information Library for Release notes, Overview, What's new, manuals, tutorials, and man pages

Other Downloads for Current Release

  Sample applications
  Tarfile Downloads (Tarfile downloads do not support product patches)
  See Support section below for information on patch updates available for customers with a support contract

Additional Downloads

  Oracle Solaris Studio 12.5 Beta New
  Previous Releases


  Oracle Solaris Development Tools Support Offering for Oracle Premier support, including access to patches, Platform Specific Enhancements (PSEs), and ability to log service requests. Available with Package Installation option only.

  My Oracle Support (MOS) provides access to patches and Platform Specific Enhancements (PSEs) for customers with a support  contract. PSEs contain performance optimizations for the latest Oracle hardware systems. Search for Doc ID 1578240.1 in the  Knowledge Zone on MOS for a complete list of available PSEs.

  The Oracle Solaris Studio 12.4, 4/15 Platform Specific Enhancement with support for SPARC M7 and Software in Silicon is now available for customers with a support contract through MOS. This patch update includes performance enhancements for SPARC M7 and support in the Code Analyzer for finding and fixing Application Data Integrity runtime-related errors. Search for Doc ID 1578240.1 in the Knowledge Zone on MOS for more information.

  Oracle and Sun Systems Software and Operating Systems Lifetime Support Policy for details on support timelines.

Additional Resources

  Hands-On Labs 

  Oracle Solaris Studio IDE Plug-ins

  Component Matrix Table for version information for current and previous releases