Oracle Auto Service Request

Oracle Auto Service Request (ASR) is a feature of your Oracle or Sun hardware warranty and Oracle Premier Support for Systems. ASR resolves problems faster by automatically opening service requests for Oracle's qualified server,  storage, Exadata and Exalogic systems when specific hardware faults occur.

Oracle Auto Service Request is integrated with My Oracle Support.  You must use My Oracle Support to activate your ASR Assets.

Your My Oracle Support account must have the administrator privilege for the Support Identifiers (SI) associated with your ASR assets.
To see a list of administrators for your Support Identifier: click More -> Settings -> Account and Privileges and then click the Support Identifier.  If you need administrator permissions, you can email the listed administrator to request access.

For a complete benefit summary, visit the Oracle Auto Service Request product page.

View the ASR Demo Video.

View a customer video that includes an Oracle Auto Service Request success story (at 3:50).

Need help?  Post your question to the Oracle Auto Service Request Community. For technical support, please click the "Contact Us" link on My Oracle Support.

For information about selecting Oracle Auto Service request for your hardware, see the Hardware and Network Configuration Recommendations. See Oracle Auto Service Request User Documentation for information on hardware qualified for ASR.