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   Updated January 16, 2015

  Oracle's .NET development community numbers over 800,000 members. With Oracle's extensive support, Visual Studio developers can take full advantage of database and application server technologies, such as performance self-tuning, Real Application Clusters, messaging, and simplified management of advanced data types, such as XML, SecureFiles, and user-defined types. At the OTN .NET Developer Center, both beginner and advanced .NET programmers can enhance their Oracle skills through step-by-step tutorials, technical articles, white papers, and videos.

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What's New

Production Release: ODAC 12c Release 3
ODAC 12c Release 3 includes support for Entity Framework 6 Code First and Code First Migrations; NuGet, .NET Framework 4.5.2; and ODP.NET, Managed Driver XML DB.

ODTUG Webinar Series: What's New for Oracle and .NET
In ODAC 12c Release 3 and Oracle Database 12c, .NET developers have many more features to increase productivity and ease development. This two-part webinar series explored the following new features introduced in recent releases: Entity Framework Code First and Code First Migrations; NuGet installation; schema compare tools; ODP.NET, Managed Driver; multitenant container database management; ODP.NET application high availability; and ease of .NET development features. Download the presentations below.

Oracle By Example Walkthroughs for Visual Studio 2013
The .NET Oracle By Example (OBE) lessons are now available for Visual Studio 2013. Learn how to develop .NET applications with Oracle Database with these step by step lessons. Check back often as we will be adding updated lessons in the weeks to come!

Download Oracle OpenWorld 2014 .NET Slide Decks
Download slide decks for Oracle Database .NET developer sessions at this year's OpenWorld San Francisco. Learn about new features and best practices for performance and deployment.

Customers Using Oracle Database and .NET
Learn how customers are making their applications more powerful, faster, and faster to market with the power Oracle Database brings to .NET development.

Oracle .NET Recorded Presentations and Webinars
If you missed any of the OTN Virtual Developer Day or ODTUG webinars, you can watch the replays. The ODTUG webinars require the GoToMeeting codec, G2M3, to play the video, which can be downloaded here.

.NET Support for Oracle Database

Data Sheet: ODAC 12c Release 2 ( (PDF)
Data Sheet: ODAC 12c Release 1 ( (PDF)
Video: Oracle integration with Visual Studio 2010 demonstration
Data Sheet: ODAC 11.2 Release 4 ( (PDF)
Data Sheet: ODAC 11.2 Release 3 ( (PDF)
Data Sheet: ODAC 11.2 Release 2 ( (PDF)
Technical White Paper: Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Application Development (PDF)
Data Sheet: ODAC (PDF)
Technical White Paper: ODP.NET (PDF)
Data Sheet: Oracle 11g ( on .NET (PDF)
Technical White Paper: ODP.NET 11g (PDF)
Technical White Paper: New 11g Features in Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio (PDF)
Technical White Paper: Oracle Database 11g on Windows: Development and Deployment (PDF)

Oracle Products for .NET

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