Oracle-on-Linux Installation Guides

This page contains a collection of install guides and tips that worked best for customers as reported in the Linux Discussion Forums and OTN Installfests. (To learn how to host your own Installfest, click here.)

Warning: Not everything here may be fit for consumption on your particular hardware setup. Anytime you do a new OS install or upgrade, you should back up the stuff you care about first! 

Installation Guides for Oracle Linux

Oracle develops and tests its products on Oracle Linux. It's free to download and use and makes for a smooth database installation. Oracle Linux, as well as Oracle VM templates containing Oracle Linux along with Oracle products, are certified and supported for production use and are available here.
Oracle-Supplied Guides (recommended)
Third-Party Guides (not validated by Oracle)

Installation Guides for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Support for RHEL is available directly from Oracle under the Oracle Linux Support program. These guides are not validated by Oracle.

Installation Guides for Novell SLES and Asianux

For those of you who would like to try running Oracle products on SLES and Asianux, please see the certification matrix available via My Oracle Support (support customers only) to verify which ones are supported. In this case you would be getting your Linux support from your Linux distribution provider. The third-party guides are not validated by Oracle.

Installation Guides for Other Flavors

Untested and unsupported (and the guides below are not validated by Oracle), but some people love 'em!
Red Hat 9: