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Managing Disruption

We're living in an era of monumental change, characterized by the rapid evolution of existing technologies as well as the onset of completely new technologies that have the capacity to take many organizations by surprise. These so-called "disruptive" technologies can radically transform the competitive landscape. They can raise some businesses that take advantage of them to new heights, while leaving in their wake businesses that fail to boldly grasp the opportunity in time.


Planning for Growth

Few companies are able to sustain growth from one decade to another. Long-term research carried out over 40 years shows that even in a relatively stable economy, around 80 percent of companies are either stagnating or declining. The ability to sustain growth in a volatile economy and gain market share over competitors requires a healthy attitude to risk, near- instantaneous access to quality management information, and finely honed processes and technology that enable management to identify and exploit scarce opportunities.


Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise risk is a formidable challenge for most organizations—a challenge compounded by a changeable economy and new ways of conducting business, which, if left unchecked, can leave an organization vulnerable to unquantifiable risk, fraud, and error. However, it is possible to stack the odds in favor of the enterprise by adopting best practice methodologies, tools, and techniques and leveraging an appropriate blend of organizational structure, process, and technology. Organizations at the forefront of managing risk have adopted a governance, risk and compliance (GRC) framework.


Emerging Markets

Enterprises seeking to grow their businesses in emerging markets need a technology platform that can help them scale efficiently and cost effectively so that they can extend their customer reach and deliver innovative new products and services.


Reporting and Compliance

Despite more than a decade of effort, the goal of a uniform and harmonized approach to financial reporting on a global scale seems as elusive as ever. International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) have made inroads across much of the developed and developing world. But still the promise of convergence of accounting standards with the US, the world's largest economy, remains unfulfilled. So businesses around the world are left to contend with multiple reporting standards and sector-specific regimes such as Solvency 11.


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