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Oracle Data as a Service
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A New and Better Way to Infuse Data into Your Business

By Jeff Erickson

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Data-as-a-service: the Next Step in the As-a-service Journey

Data is the fuel that drives today's digital economy. But many companies struggle to extract full business value from data as it flows across their organization and outside their walls in the broader economy.

They grapple with technical complexities, such as how to connect siloed data across myriad point solutions. They contend with complex legal, commercial, and privacy rights issues governing data usage. And they must ensure data quality and establish a data flow that identifies and connects data points across channels and the enterprise.

But what if your business could offload these underlying platform challenges? What if data were a standalone asset that flowed across all of your channels and applications? Even better: What if that data had already navigated the usage-rights maze and somebody had done the work of creating linkages among various customer touchpoints?

You could pump that fuel into any application and use it to make better business decisions across your enterprise—in real time.

  • Smarter Business

    Unlock more value from your proprietary data, and enrich your applications with external data through a trusted service on Oracle Cloud.

  • For Marketers

    Leverage data to drive prospecting across all media channels while providing personal, consistent, and engaging experiences. Improve ROI on spend, customer value, and margins.

  • For Social

    Extract valuable signals from unstructured social data to understand consumer sentiments. Access more than 700 million messages daily and feeds from over 40 million sites.

  • Why Oracle

    Oracle Data as a Service brings together a best-in-class data platform with the world's largest data marketplace to provide the most variety, scale, data portability, and ease of adoption

Unlock the Value of Data

That's the thinking behind Oracle Data as a Service (Oracle DaaS) for Business, a groundbreaking new suite of products from Oracle that redefines how companies can tap into data as a core competitive strategy. "Data is the connective tissue that helps enterprises gain competitive advantage, and Oracle DaaS lets companies use data fully without having to first clear the many underlying platform hurdles," says Omar Tawakol, General Manager, Oracle Data Cloud, who introduced Oracle DaaS for Business in a July 22 webcast.

Oracle DaaS for Business offers a licensing model where data is provided as a cloud service. The data is portable to applications, which run independently of the data services they rely on.

"We're making it so that any application can tap into our data service," says Tawakol. "Think of Oracle DaaS as a data aggregator somewhat like NASDAQ, in the sense that data from a whole range of sources flows through the service at Oracle, from B2B to social to transaction and commerce sites—to the tune of several billion profiles a month."

Smarter, More Targeted Actions

Oracle Data as a Service

Find out how Oracle Data as a Service enables smarter business.

Oracle DaaS for Business categorizes and optimizes data using cross-channel and ID mapping, so it's ready to be used to link fragmented customer touchpoints. This provides a rich, connected profile of intent signals, interests, sentiment, themes, and topics across online, mobile, search, social, and video channels.

"All the user has to do is feed that data into whatever applications they want, and we can unify their targeting actions using a single stream of data," says Tawakol. "The same data can fuel a vast number of applications that aren't even hosted by your company, such as Google Search, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, e-mail triggers, and multiple site optimization systems."

The initial launch of Oracle Data as a Service for Business introduces the Oracle DaaS framework, as well as standalone data offerings for marketing and social, with more services on the way.

Oracle Data as a Service for Marketing

The new subscription model will enable marketers to access marketing data on more than 1 billion global anonymous profiles for an "all you can eat" monthly subscription fee. Marketers will be able to tap into a data marketplace to define their audience using a mix of attributes to vastly improve ad prospecting, pinpoint audience insights, and take integrated cross-channel actions.

Oracle Data as a Service for Social

Currently bundled with Oracle Social Cloud, Oracle DaaS for Social is planned for availability as a standalone offering during Oracle's second fiscal quarter. The offering will include APIs to help categorize and enrich unstructured social and enterprise data, providing unprecedented intelligence on customers, competitors, and market trends.

Beyond the launch date, Oracle is planning to extend the Oracle DaaS framework to other lines of business such as sales and to vertical data solutions.

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