JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Financial Management

Having the right financial foundation for your organization is key when you need to account for every penny that comes in or goes out—in every currency, in every country. Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne financial management solutions can help you respond more quickly to your changing environment, streamline your financial operations, and improve the accuracy of your financial reporting.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Financial Management Products

Efficient and effective cash management

Cash flow. Vendor terms. Discount opportunities. Efficient and effective cash management is more than just paying bills. Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Accounts Payable provides the integration and flexibility you need to optimize your payables process.

Key Features
  • Select the most efficient method with multiple voucher entry options
  • Negotiate more favorable supplier contracts
  • Prioritize vouchers with workflow-driven payment processing
  • Establish prompt efficient invoice processing
  • Gain immediate accrual recognition with voucher invoice logging
  • Handle multicurrency and multiple language needs
  • Use the UX One Accounts Payable Manager role to obtain more discounts by ensuring prompt payment, analyze invoice processing and disbursements to support the company’s cash management strategy, and reduce the cost of invoice processing by increasing the Accounts Payable team efficiency.

Balance cash flow and credit risk

Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Accounts Receivable streamlines and accelerates the process of applying receipts, giving you real-time accounts receivable information. Handle complex transactions quickly and automatically, minimize the need for manual processing, improve customer relationships, and enhance your organization's ability to respond to credit and collections issues.

Key Features
  • Tailor workflow to your business processes
  • See when and how customers are paying, and the discounts they are taking advantage of
  • Handle multicurrency processing and international tax management
  • Define collections criteria using a combination of variables
  • Simplify handling of nonstandard customer deductions
  • Use the UX One Accounts Receivable Manager role to increase cash flow by decreasing the processing time with real-time alerts, analyze receipt trends to facilitate faster payment by customers, and foster strong customer relationship by monitoring and addressing their payment issues
  • Use the UX One Collection Manager role to reduce collection time with real-time alerts, analyze collection data to design effective collection procedures, and improve efficiency of collections through effective management of delinquent customers
  • Use the UX One Credit Manager role for efficient credit reviews with timely alerts, to monitor and enhance the credit granting process by analyzing historical trends, and enhance customer satisfaction with faster credit approval process


Streamline your financial operations

Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne General Ledger integrates financial information in real time from throughout your business and helps you meet the financial consolidation and reporting needs of a complex and changing business environment.

Key Features
  • Integrate seamlessly with all JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications
  • Access consolidated financial information online, any time, across multiple currencies and languages
  • Accommodate country-specific practices, reporting requirements, and regulations
  • Organize your financial operations through companies, business units, or any other type of grouping, with the flexibility to change reporting structure as needed
  • See originating transactions while viewing the account balance online
  • Strengthen internal control procedures and identify data inconsistencies
  • Use the UX One General Accounting Manager role to ensure accurate account transactions with timely alerts, analyze journal entries to support the company's allocation strategy, and reduce general accounting expense per employee by increasing team efficiency


Efficiently and accurately account for leased property and non-property assets

The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Lease Management solution provides programs and processes that enable lessees and lessors of property and non-property assets to accurately and efficiently account for those leases on their financial statements.

Key Features
  • Accurately recognize revenue
  • The EnterpriseOne Lease Management solution leverages existing and enhanced capabilities across the ERP footprint
  • Several lease-related processes have been automated to assist you with uploading, entering, and maintaining your leases over the course of the entire lease term
  • Accurately report revenue from rental properties in accordance with FASB 842 and IFRS 16, which states that the revenue from rent (recurring billings) must be recognized evenly (as a straight line) over the life of the lease

Efficient management and reporting of your joint ventures

Manage joint ventures to account for reported cost, revenue, and infused cash in order to distribute net amounts to joint venture partners.

Key Features
  • Accurately and efficiently manage joint ventures by ensuring compliance of Joint Operating Agreements (JOA)
  • Audit trail of all transactions from point of entry through to distribution, calculate pro rata share of transactions for partners, and changes in ownership
  • Industry-independent solution to handle various types of transactions: Payroll, Procurement, Travel Expenses, Revenue, General Ledger
  • Lower TCO with streamlined processes, shorten monthly financial close with automation, and minimize time and costs with improved visibility into the information


Analyze costs, identify profitability

Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Advanced Cost Accounting provides the framework and features to analyze profitability by using a combination of traditional managerial accounting and activity-based costing, giving you valuable financial information not generally available through traditional accounting methods.

Key Features
  • Automatically capture direct revenue and costs, and assign values to indirect costs
  • Perform "what-if" analysis on different assumptions
  • Support multiple business processes and accounting standards while maintaining complete financial integrity for any size corporation
  • Link seamlessly with all other JD Edwards EnterpriseOne solutions
  • Extend business processes to interact with business partner


Manage expenses, increase profitability

Automating your expense reporting process promotes efficiency from entry to reimbursement to billing. With Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Expense Management, employees can enter their time and expenses in one location, eliminating short-term disparate systems or spreadsheets that compromise internal control and efficiency.

Key Features
  • Automate the process of entering, approving, and auditing expense reports with the Expense Management system and let your employees enjoy prompt and accurate payments.
  • Get complete and accurate data at every step of the expense reimbursement process. Database-driven workflow eliminates misrouted or lost documents, giving you greater security, reliability, and document control.
  • Negotiate more advantageous discounts with suppliers and ensure that your employees receive the full benefits of the arrangement.
  • The system automatically configures expense reports to capture specific information by expense type, such as ticket number, airline, and ticket amount.


Maximize the value of your fixed assets

Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Fixed Asset Accounting provides an effective way to track assets for critical financial and reporting needs, enabling you to produce fixed asset reports, maintain purchase requests for assets, reconcile assets, and maintain tax information.

Key Features
  • Automate asset setup to update asset information on a daily, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis
  • Make fast changes across your accounting structure without the need for hard coding or custom programming
  • Track alternate depreciation projections when planning and budgeting for the future


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