5G Core Network Evolution

Oracle's cloud native, 5G core helps operators design a robust and scalable core with best-in-class, micro-services-based, network functions (NFs), flexible deployment options, and take advantage of 5G network slicing.

Building a best-in-class network for competitive advantage

Building a best-in-class network

Analysys Mason examines the impact of the rollout of 5G networks within the highly competitive telecommunications industry.

Learn how cloud native-based software design will make it easier for CSPs to implement best-in-class network functions. In addition, discover how 5G Stand Alone Core offers an excellent starting point for CSPs to support their commercial initiatives.

Customer Success Stories

KT Corp logo

KT Corp Connects with Oracle for New 5G Business Services


KT Corp

Oracle’s 5G Policy Control Function is instrumental to KT’s 5G network buildout and monetization of NaaS business opportunities

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Fastweb Uses Oracle to Manage 1.4m Customers' Data Traffic



Fastweb is deploying new services within six months, smoothly and reliably.

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Telefónica Prepares for 5G with Oracle



A key pillar of 5G is how to implement the 5G core and orchestrate network slices.

5G: Evolve ahead of the curve

A webinar series to keep you fit for the future and beyond

Unlock your 5G potential

Unlock your 5G potential

A converged policy solution that's fast and future-proof.

Creating order from chaos

Creating order from chaos

Coming to grips with 5G's signaling complexity.

Peace of mind to face the future

Peace of mind to face the future

Ensure 5G network security.

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Latest on Cloud Native Core


Cloud native: just another technology generation?

STL Partners leverages interviews with global telecoms operators to gain insights into the key benefits of a cloud native approach to networking.

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Unlock the full potential of 5G

Heavy Reading surveyed operators on how they will scale 5G networks to drive customer value.

Partner interview

5G Best Practices with Andrew De La Torre

Andrew De La Torre, VP Technology, in a partner interview with Mobile World, reviews recent 5G core deployments and offers best practice advice on the way forward for operators.

Business brief (PDF)

How to Build the Best 5G Core

Learn about future-proofing policy, signaling and testing in a dynamic new network environment.

Business brief

Thriving in 2030: Cloud-Based Digital Marketplaces are the Future for CSPs

Learn how Cloud and 5G-based smart ecosystems are driving digital marketplace growth.

Ebook (PDF)

The Critical Role of Policy in the 5G Ecosystem

Manage your 4G and 5G network policies in an intuitive and consistent manner, with Oracle Communications Converged Policy Solution.

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What Can Cloud Native Do for CSPs?

Crucial cloud-inspired practices to unlock new revenue streams and nurture new business models for CSPs.

Ebook (PDF)

A Cloud Native Journey for Telecoms

How to reap the promised benefits of cost savings, rapid deployment, and customer empowerment with cloud native.

Video (2:25)

5G-Enabled Smart Ecosystem

Oracle’s market-leading solutions are helping clients evolve their infrastructure, securely monetize digital services, and create new industry vertical applications.

Article (PDF)

Cloud-Based Digital Marketplaces are the Future

Understand how 5G- and cloud- enabled digital marketplaces will expand opportunities for CSPs that want to become the valued centerpiece of customers' digital business experiences.

On-Demand Webinar (54:12)

5G and Cloud Accelerate New Growth

Find out how operators can deliver dynamic and intelligent vertical industry applications and play a bigger role in the 5G smart ecosystem.


So You Want to Do 5G? (2:10)

Learn about the new and unique challenges associated with 5G and how Oracle is solving those challenges while providing additional benefits to clients.

Report (PDF)

Enterprises Preparing for 5G Smart Ecosystems

Oracle is working with global CSPs and enterprises today to build digital-intelligent, connected partner ecosystems across vertical industries and consumer segments.