Primavera Submittal Exchange Cloud Service—Datasheet

Key benefits

  • Access all of your projects from one place
  • Customize submittal logs to meet project needs
  • Keep track of required documents and when the item is due

Key features

  • Collaboration: All project team members have access to their portion of the project’s logs
  • Project setup by Primavera Submittal Exchange Cloud Service: Expected items from your specification manual or submittal register will be organized and uploaded
  • Document management: Manage construction submittals, RFIs, RFPs, drawings, specifications, closeouts, and more
  • Document upload and download: Easily upload multiple document types, including Word, PDF, Excel, CAD, and image files
  • Archive: HTML format archive available for download at any time for every project

System-wide features

  • Unlimited users; no account or license fees
  • Easy for users of all skill levels
  • No software to install or needed to use

Oracle’s Primavera Submittal Exchange Cloud Service is a secure online system for electronically exchanging, reviewing, and archiving construction communications. Take your construction administration process to the cloud to save time, reduce costs, and decrease the amount of paper associated with construction projects. You will experience increased transparency, consistency, and accountability, resulting in fewer delays and lower costs.

Streamline construction documentation

Primavera Submittal Exchange Cloud Service provides an easy user experience for electronically exchanging, reviewing, and archiving construction project documentation in the cloud.

Construction projects entail complex processes that can involve teams of people and thousands of documents. The organization, distribution, and tracking of these documents can be a massive undertaking, yet these activities are critical to a project being completed on time and on or under budget. This solution brings all participants together by providing a single place for construction documents to be stored and shared. Automated workflows can be set for nearly all construction documents, including submittals, requests for information (RFI), and change orders.

Primavera Submittal Exchange: Manage documents collaboratively and efficiently.

Save time

You no longer have to print a document, mark it up, scan it, and send it back. Nor do you have to sift through emails to find the one piece of information you need. Primavera Submittal Exchange Cloud Service does all of that for you. The document management system organizes all documents into one central location. Because it is cloud-based and mobile-friendly, your project can be securely accessed from nearly any device with internet access. It’s easy to learn, and allows for reviewing and editing in the field, in real time, to save countless hours.

Some features allow you to reduce meeting time with your team, such as quickly generating reports for viewing items needed, items completed, or items in progress (including “ball-in-court” indications). These can easily be exported into spreadsheets for further formatting and customizing. Keep on top of punch list items and tasks by assigning them directly to users who, in turn, can enter notes or update the status for completion or review.

For additional convenience, Primavera Submittal Exchange Cloud Service also features an online PDF editor for marking up and stamping submittals and RFIs, a photo log to easily upload and organize pictures from the project, as well as the option to have your forms and cover pages embedded as templates.

Reduce costs

Simply by eliminating paper, shipping, and courier services, Oracle’s Primavera Submittal Exchange Cloud Service can reduce costs immediately. You may see your project administration time cut by 50 percent, and you can reduce the document-based errors and delays that affect your budget and schedule. Instead of spending days or weeks compiling and copying items for closeout, a project archive can be requested and compiled in just a few easy steps and be available within 24 hours. This electronic archive will provide instant, offline access to closeout documents in a searchable format that keeps items organized as they were in your project.

Combined with the time saving benefits described above, this solution can reduce daily administrative time. Keeping these costs down will lower the total project cost to the owner and can help companies keep their bids competitive.

Figure 1: Automated workflows allow for accountability among team members by showing due dates and ball-in-court indices.
Figure 1. Automated workflows allow for accountability among team members by showing due dates and ball-in-court indices.


Increase accountability

Using the automated workflow allows for more accountability among the project team members. As the project leader, you can configure a workflow just for your team to streamline your review process for submittals, RFIs, change orders, and other documents. This keeps reviews, approvals, and responses on track and reduces risk generated by late or missing information. View step-by-step version history on all documentation to identify specific issues and bottlenecks. Team members receive automated email reminders and notifications when items are uploaded, completed, or about to become overdue.

Dedicated customer success team

Your project will be assigned a dedicated customer success manager (CSM) who will set up your project, make additions or changes when requested, and answer questions whenever you have them. All project team members will have access to unlimited technical support by phone and email for the life of your project. Oracle’s customer success team holds weekly live online training sessions for both the design and construction teams. Additional individual training sessions with your CSM are available as needed.

Collaborative by design

All stakeholders—including architects, construction managers, general contractors, consultants, designers, engineers, and subcontractors—can be involved and have access to items they need. As the project leader, you can set the permissions and security to allow them access to only what they need.

Looking for increased efficiency and collaboration for construction document management?

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